10 Easy Ways You Survive and Enjoy A Breakup

No kidding that breakup hurts. But trust me, what hurts more is leaving what you are used to, than who left you. Sometimes you could be better of without the one you breakup with/breaks up with you. But be sure to correct mistakes if there were. Otherwise, find reasons to move on with these outlined mindset and way of life:

1. After the breakup, sulk to purge your emotions. But pick yourself up and start going out more often. You need a new life that is not indoors. Save yourself from reacting more to the breakup and probably developing unhealthy habits. Outdoor life gives your soul air.
2. Things would not be beautiful so soon. Seek the company of friends and family more often, to save you from yourself that is reacting to the breakup.
3. Know the good feelings you've had, appreciate them, talk about them, even when they never lasted. It sets you free than bind you to hurt.
4. You would have many feelings, compare them with your best emotions and discover yourself more. The greatest adventure is self-discovery. You would amaze yourself knowing changes in your emotions that would make you happy. We can really have fleeting emotions. Find out.
5. Let your value for your best emotions help you forgive who made you feel that way, even when the person became a jerk. This helps you move on to surprise the jerk that would think he or she left you in misery. Quick move on always hurt the jerk party, but you are just enjoying your pain.
6. Knowing your emotions and appreciating your best feelings would help you quickly recognize that person that would complete you even when you have met jerks that break you.
7. Cravings will always be there as long as you have not gotten what you want. See the cravings as what make you human and someone who loves life.
8. Define things about you. Remind yourself that where you are is not where you will be. Dare to believe in a better future that is there but situations say otherwise
9. Cry if you want. Share with someone who can listen. Purge yourself from time to time to purify your emotions so you can hold on and continue moving on. When you're bottled in, you would lose it all.
10. Channel the hurt, pain or emptiness to something that comes naturally to you: writing, singing, cooking, dancing etc. if you can. You could really do great. Many successful people, celebrities, get their Acts and Products from their moments of pain. If you can't do anything after a try, just be you. Don't complicate your pain blaming your lack of talent or discipline.

Every emotion has a color and life is rich with different colors. Enjoy your pain and learn many colors of you. Everything in the world also has a cause and effect: make yours a build for a better tomorrow. It can only get better or worse, make it BETTER.

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1. Good friends can relieve your stress and make you a better lover. It is passion and obligations that complicate relationship. You share better with a friend, and the best relationships have friendship
2. You breathe in and breathe out. It's indoor and outdoor too for a balanced living. Go have some fun.
3. Time has a mind of its own to respond just the way you want it. It doesn't mean it would not count in your favor.
4. I still know whom I loved the most and the reasons so. But I bet you can change it.
Sometimes my emotions confuse me than tell me I like you. But you sure have an impact on me
5. I don't MISS you but what you were to me
6. I cry not for the pain, but to be human and relieve my emotions heavy on me.
7. The mistake many make is thinking they will marry the first person they date. Life Lessons come with breakups and makeups too.
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