5 things you'll relate to if you grew up with a big brother

There were times when you've dreaded him then the next moment, you've thanked God for his presence in your life. There were times when you thought he was the ultimate role model for you then there were times when you hated the way he dressed and didn't want him to come near your friends. There were definitely times when he constantly told you not to go out with certain kinds of guys and you still did anyway, and later came back to him seeking comfort when he didn't complain at all.

Every girl has a big brother - sibling or cousin, in her life who literally takes the role of her guardian over the years. He is neither too strict like your parents nor too modern like you, making him a perfect mishmash of what you need to both have fun and keep positive in your life.

Of course, it's not always a happy moment with him especially when he always made you feel that he is more loved than you simply because he was born before you.
We have all been there and over the years, this annoying moment has somehow turned into a happy memory.

A little sister and big brother share a very sweet bonding that is as precious as the meaning of the word. So we have compiled a list of 5 things that every little sister will surely say yes to have faced while growing up with her big brother.

1.His constant I-know-better-than-you that got annoying and unbearable by each passing day

There goes his I-was-born-first manipulation again. Everything that you guys do together or even separate, he is always there with his wise and sometimes unnecessary words in the name of "helping you to be better". But actually, he is just always trying to prove his superiority over you after all you're the baby sister.

2.His brainwashing and controlling words that were never ever true

Your big brother has always tried to brainwash and control your mind with his wisdom. He somehow has always come up with ways to scare you, change your normal notion about life, and what not. For example, did you grow up knowing that someone always visits your home at night if you failed to sleep by 10 O' Clock? Well, you've your big brother to thank for this because all those years he might have been busy having fun with his girlfriend or friends, scaring you away. In fact, as Rakhi is close, how about you give him a theme based Rakhi that tags him as the biggest manipulator? We say the idea isn't bad.

3.Your days are spent screaming your lungs out against each other

From dusk to dawn, you and your big brother are always in denial of being polite with each other. It's like your day doesn't start without fighting with him and vice-versa. Toys, candies, money - give us one that hasn't caused a screaming session between the two of you. Eventually over the years, you realize that screaming at your brother is your right and you can't make do without it.

4.He teaches you all the 'cool' ways to stay out of trouble

'Who taught you that?' your parents must have asked this question to you several times in childhood and while you smiled and replied, 'No one,' you actually had your big brother to thank. Pouring the milk in the plants' pot, feeding your breakfast to the family or even stray dog(s), and as big as bunking school for going to the movies, your big brother has been your definition of 'cool' while growing up.

5.No matter how cute your Barbie and dolls are, you always have a fascination for his G.I. Joes and Karate lessons

Toys mean more than they're credited for in our childhood. So if you've grown up with a big brother, there must have been days when your Barbie and dolls' story got boring and you found interest in your brothers' G.I. Joes, cars and robots. Sure, he would let you play with them for a few days or even weeks, but those come under his watchful radar. And if you're in for a game of life and death, he always made sure that your character died and his character won.

Growing up with a big brother is actually great. You've access to a guy's mind and you somehow turn out to be smarter, interested in sports and video games. Regardless of how many fights with how much intensity you've had with your big brother, as you grow up, you know your brother is best and the coolest, and you guys share an unbreakable bond, standing up for each other, always.

This upcoming Rakhi season, we wish you and your brother a day of great laughter, good food and making even sweeter memories with an exchange of lots of Rakhi gifts.
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