7 Surefire Tactics To Fuel Up The Dealership Customer Loyalty

At every turn, the dealerships live in the fear of losing the customers to competitors. Unfortunately, it happens, but the auto dealers can stop it.

How? Using the same weapon- automotive digital marketing that auto dealers use to bring visitors to the dealership, they can turn the potential customers into loyal customers. The auto dealer website and digital marketing offer the excellent opportunities to strengthen the relationship with customers and increase the customer retention.

It's a no-brainer to illustrate why car dealership wanted to improve the loyalty. See what the facts say?

Organically, the customer acquisition costs to the dealerships 10 times more than the customer retention. Also, the existing customers constitute 60% of the total car sale while the new customers contribute to just 20% of the car sale. It implies gaining customer loyalty is a secret recipe for the success.

But, how can you improve the customer retention at your dealership? Well, you can hold the customer attention for a longer period with the execution of right retention strategy. Take a look at what are the things you should follow to keep the customers coming back:

(1) Display the genuine reviews and testimonials

The customer feedback about the service offered, the level of convenience, quality, and prompt response are the key elements that are powerful enough to persuade the first-time visitor and convert them.

When you collect the satisfied customer reviews or testimonials through automated surveys or social pages and share the same on the dealership website, social media websites or email campaigns, it will work as free advertisement.

For instance: When the loyal customer purchased the car from your dealership and post the photo on social media, then you can share the same photo on your automotive social page that makes the customer feel good and inspire existing customers to shop.

Furthermore, responding to the customer feedback is important no matter whether the feedback is positive or negative. It enables the auto dealers to garner the information about the services or product offered, and shows customers that auto dealer concerns about their needs.

(2) Personalize automotive email campaigns

The email campaigns are set up to bring the leads down the funnel, but how about the existing customers. If a regular follow-up by sending a reminder like- it's time to change your car's oil or car needs maintenance service, promotional messages or other types of emails are not sent, the existing customer cannot be retained.

Also, targeting the masses won't work. The segmenting of automotive email campaigns is needed where the campaigns can be launched according to buyer demographics, previous purchase, and interest, or to inform about any dealership event. When personalized emails are sent devoid of any selling content, the customers feel valued and the likelihood of preferring the dealership for next purchase increases.

(3) Evaluate the success

After the execution of the variety of email campaigns, this is the assessment time to measure how many campaigns are launched and how is the response received from the customers.
It gives you insights about the contact list you need to update, the customers' contact details have changed or what strategy is bringing more customers to the dealership. This way you can better understand the customer and invest in the strategies that make customers turn to the dealership, which fosters customer loyalty.

(4) Get social with customers

Many auto dealers create the social presence on the bevy of social platforms, and upload the posts regularly, but less often respond to the customers. This is a blunder mistake if you are also doing the same. Beware! All your customers are watching you on the social platforms and when any customer query remains unanswered, it ruins your brand image.

Stay active and get back to the customers as soon as they post a question. The prompt service signals other customers that how much dedicated your dealership is in solving the customers' problems in a transparent manner publicly.

(5) Ensure the website content is for customers

Definitely, the website content is optimized for the customers, but mainly it's more relevant to the first-time shoppers. If your dealership website content's major priority is bringing more leads, then you have to modify the content.

Additional content that holds value for future customers is also mandatory like- information about car maintenance, guides to keep the car ready for different seasons, service appointments to book, a list of videos and so on. The rich content helps in returning the customer to the dealership.

(6) Interact on mobile

The mobile is not a new form of the car dealer solution, while it has become an essential business integration to keep pace with the modern customers.

The dealership websites are built to let the users browse and buy the vehicle from the comfort of the couch, and mobile responsive website helps them gain the traction of the customers who spend most of the time on mobile.

For instance: The customer need the maintenance service and the idea came to his mind while driving the vehicle. Now, he is more likely to check the dealership website for maintenance services on mobile as they park the vehicle. The mobile optimized website immediately accepts the appointment and enhance user experience.

(7) Make customers' lives easier

The automotive knowledge is worthy to share. Alas! A few auto dealers share the information which customers are looking for. Provide the safety and maintenance tips on the website and stay in touch with the customers through scheduled reminders. The customers love simple and easily accessible things, so make it available to them on-the-fly.


There is a small window that may help auto dealers to retain the customers, but car dealer marketing widens the opportunities to uplift the customer loyalty. However, retaining the customers with the understanding of every individual is an arduous task, but their technology helps.

Leverage digital to increase your customer outreach and build the customer loyalty using aforementioned seven tricks.
Source : artipot[dot]com

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