Adaptive Tech Solutions Featured In Quest Magazine

Adaptive Tech Solutions featured in Issue 3, 2019 of MDA's Quest Magazine

Denise, speech therapist and owner of Adaptive Tech Solutions, discusses the importance of play to develop skills that are crucial for language development. For children with disabilities, play can be difficult due to motor impairments. Through the use of adapted toys, kids with disabilities can experience play to enhance their understanding of cause-and-effect, object permanence, and other precursory skills to language development. But, even non-verbal children use these skills to interact and influence their environment, which translates into an ability to summons attention from caregivers, interact with peers & caregivers, play with toys, and control their surroundings through the use of adapted equipment.

Adaptive Tech Solutions adapts toys and equipment so individuals with disabilities can use them. The majority of their products are adapted by hand. Adaptive Tech Solutions is owned by a therapist whose passion is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through adapted technology.

Adaptive Tech Solutions, LLC

Welcome to Adaptive Tech Solutions!

As you browse our website, you'll notice we're all about fun, learning, exploration, independence, low prices and taking good care of our customers!

Adaptive Tech Solutions is a therapist owned and operated company and we strive to provide adapted equipment for individuals with disabilities at affordable prices. Our owner, Denise, has been a Speech-Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Professional for over 30 years. She still actively works with folks with disabilities in her private practice and is happy to assist customers with product selection and in finding solutions to special situations. She also hand picks all the products we carry in our store and has the expertise to correctly advise how to use adaptive products.

Unlike some of our competitors, nearly all our products are adapted to be used both with or without a switch. This means you get more for your money since the toys can be used with individuals with disabilities, and able-bodied individuals, too. These products are perfect for classroom, daycare, and other settings where disabled and non-disabled peers play together.

We have several other people who help keep our company running, including a retired Air Force veteran who adapts our devices and the stay-at-home mom of a child with disabilities who is the smiling voice who answers our phones. Everything we do is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities by creating affordable independence and learning through adapted toys, switches, and specialty devices. It is simply our passion. At our Sand Springs, OK facility we adapt nearly all our products by hand when you place your order. We believe in 'going green', which is why we frequently recycle our shipping boxes. Although the box might be worthy of our 'ugly sticker", the goodies inside are carefully packed just for you. And our products come with our 30-day happiness guarantee.

All of us here at Adaptive Tech Solutions want to thank you for being a part of our Assistive Technology family!

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