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AOL Mail has made it easy for businesses to get in touch with their potential customers. Through sending business emails, online brochures, and presentations, they easily pitch to them and get the lead. Though being the best out of all, AOL often puts the users to issues where they might not be able to sync or fetch emails. This issue is very common, and anyone can experience it while working on AOL. As without rectifying the error, you can’t go further with your work, so by this blog we will help you come out of the glitch, or you can even get in touch with high-end professionals at AOL tech support who are there assist you with all your queries, 24*7.


If you are also stuck and looking for ways to solve the problem of AOL Email not syncing, then you simply hit the following methods: 



If you are facing a problem while syncing your AOL email, then the issue might be with your email account. This issue is prevalent when the configuration files get corrupted. And in a scenario like this, the best option is to remove the AOL account and then try to add it again.



Syncing and fetching emails can be an issue you might face due to a certain configuration. Hence, it is necessary to configure your AOL account detail and solve the issue effectively. The following are the accurate configuration details you can refer to:


  • IMAP Username:
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • SMTP Outgoing Server Address: Set the port to 587.
  • SMTP Username:
  • SMTP Password: the password you use to login to the Mail app.



The building of antivirus can be a real issue while working on the AOL application. The issue arises when the antivirus firewall on your system denies the AOL to certain access. If not the firewall, it is advisable for you to set your network type in your antivirus to “Trusted” and check whether the issue is solved or not.


There endless ways to solve this error if your AOL Mail is not syncing. We have curated a list of a few methods, and we hope they can solve your issue. And if not, you can anytime get in touch with AOL phone number team the well trained and qualified professionals who are there to assist you 24*7.


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If you are looking for various methods to solve the AOL server down the error, then feel free to read ahead. Executing the solutions shared forward can help you resolve the error. Clear the local DNS cache, update the browser’s settings, and clearing the browser’s cookies, cache and history will help in this matter. You can also dial AOL Customer Care number and have a word with the experts to obtain a solution.

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