Bamboo Wood products - Features and its uses:

The use of bamboo wood, although it's going to seem so to Westerners, is nothing new. it's been utilized in some areas of Asia for endless uses since there's knowledge. it's not been until the last decades that American professionals have begun to concentrate to the present bambusparkett and know its many virtues.

Bamboo wood characteristics:

The first thing to mention is that bamboo wood doesn't come from a tree, but is an herb, which brings many changes to what we are wont to .

Moisture resistance:

Among the characteristics of bamboo, we discover resistance to humidity superior thereto of the many sorts of wood, although not the maximum amount as some tropical ones.


Bambus produkte has great stability, that is, it doesn't deform when working or with the passage of your time , as long because it has dried properly.

Being a grass and not wood itself, bamboo has no sapwood, heartwood or growth rings.


According to the size (a scale that classifies wood consistent with its hardness and resistance to shocks) bamboo has superior resistance to oak. it's much superior to pine or spruce, quite common wood both in furniture manufacturing and construction.


Parkett bambus features a light color, almost white, naturally, however, it's common to seek out it after having skilled a roasting process, which may provides it much darker shades.


Being a species of very rapid climb and being in numerous then diverse areas of the earth is an economic wood. Sometimes it's going to seem that it's a high price, which is typically thanks to import costs.

Bamboo use:

The possible uses of parkettboden are very wide. It are often used from the manufacture of furniture and utensils, to the development of scaffolding for construction, through the manufacture of pallets or parquets.

While within the West it's been difficult to seek out works made with bamboo until a couple of years ago, in Asia it's wont to make houses, bridges or maybe temples.

One of the uses that this wood is receiving most is that the manufacture of parquets or pallets. it's because it allows having a really resistant, economical and really lowing maintenance floor.

There is a growing demand for bamboo by companies and other people who show interest within the environment and therefore the conservation of natural resources.

Other than wood-related uses, bamboo are often wont to manufacture textile fibers, to regulate the erosion of territory and whilst food.



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