Benefits of marijuana on your body and your brain

If you want to buy real marijuana online, you should know about its benefits.

The illegalization of marijuana has prevented its therapeutic effects from being studied in-depth, but the winds are changing and the evidence for its therapeutic use in a multitude of ailments is accumulating

Have you heard of the runner high? It is the state of euphoria that occurs when exercising. The famous endorphins that are secreted with sports produce greater resistance to pain and a feeling of relaxation. But the euphoria and well-being come from another brain drug: anandamide, an endocannabinoid. To understand us, marijuana that your brain makes.

Like many other drugs, marijuana contains substances that resemble our natural neurotransmitters. In this case, it is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which has the same effect on our brain as anandamide. In the short term, a feeling of well-being and amplification of pleasant sensations, an elevation of the pain threshold, and also some interference with the formation of memories and with motor functions.

But also, marijuana contains another substance called cannabidiol or CBD, which when it reaches the brain increases the levels of another endogenous neurotransmitter called 2-AG. That deals with the regulation of appetite, and much more important, the immune system and the regulation of pain. 

THC is psychotropic, and it is the part of cannabis that gives you the “recreational” effects. CBD does not produce these effects, but it does affect brain functions and general health, in many cases beneficially.

So, we find a plant that contains active ingredients that turn chemical switches in the brain on and off by mimicking our neurotransmitters. The bad news is that this plant is illegal. The good news is that the time when its use is normalized for the treatment of many diseases is closer and closer.

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