Brighten up your career with Microblading training in Los Angeles:

Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of many tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. This technique is booming today to enhance beauty. If you want to make your career in this field, you will need to attend Microblading training in Los Angeles.

What is microblading?

- This technique is mainly used for drawing eyebrow hairs. you will also learn the manual revolution technique and you no longer need a machine.

- The results look very natural, regardless of your hair. Men and women who suffer from alopecia can get their beauty back with this treatment.

- The manual revolution system can not only do eyebrow hair drawing, but you can also get eyeliner and beautiful full lips.

- All treatments can also be carried out for men.

- Chemotherapy patients can also get benefit from this technique.

Microblading training in Los Angeles:

- The courses we offer are based on the theoretical and practical knowledge that we have gathered over the years.

- In our seminar, we teach you everything to be able to work independently.

- At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate for the microblading training, including a starter set.

We are also one of the leaders in Permanent Makeup School in Los Angeles.

Would you like to learn about all the systems?

1. Microblading course

2. The manual revolution system

3. Permanent make-up with machines

In our microblading seminar, you will learn an alternative method of make-up. In our training, you will learn the artistic design of natural eyebrows, measurement according to the golden ratio. We are also leading Best Permanent Makeup School Biotouch Academy.

Are you a beautician, hairdresser, elderly nurse?

Then you can join our school as a "non-specialist" or "career changer" to become a microblading artist. In our intensive microblading training, we provide you with all the basics on the subject of pigmentation that you need to use.

Microblading is an alternative method to the established permanent make-up. This enables us to achieve precise and defined lines.

The microblading pen with which you work during your training has sterile “blades” in a U-shape or at an angle, which makes it possible to use fine pressure with sliding pressure and adds targeted cuts to the skin.

The slight scratches on the skin are so fine that they can hardly be distinguished from the natural hairs.

In our Microblading Academy, you will learn to draw deceptively real hairs that are more natural than ever.


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