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In our online cannabis store, you can find the perfect seed for you, if you are not sure what you are looking for, you can be guided by our recommendations in the form of highlighted categories with the most used strengths to categorize seeds according to their production, speed, effect, etc...

Types of marijuana seeds:

There are countless varieties of cannabis on the market, coming from banks and breeders from different countries, and which have been improving and evolving their genetics from the '70s to the present. It is transforming the varieties into much more powerful plants, with more pronounced and at the same time more stable singularities.

The techniques and processes have also evolved a lot, from the discovery and selection of the best landrace marijuana from all over the world to the new feminization techniques. The incursion of auto-flowering genetics or the brand new CBD-rich strains (high medicinal value). All this constant evolutionary career has taken the cannabis industry to new heights of quality and professionalism never seen before.

There are varieties of marijuana that are easier to grow than others, and we can also choose varieties with very different characteristics. 

Flowering time indoors and outdoors, weight in dry production indoors (m2) and outdoors (per plant), height and size of the plant, concentration of THC and CBD, quantity and quality of the resin, and has no effect, aroma, and flavor.

Choosing your marijuana online:

At, we try to help you through the search engine filters and the categories created. In any case, you can always contact us so that we can advise you personally and in total confidence.

Our team has been in the cannabis industry for years, we have cultivated a lot, exchanged opinions with thousands of growers, and offer you our honest and selfless advice free.

Through our website, you can buy marijuana online cheap, and even cheaper by buying large quantities. These seeds are the fruit of the work of breeders of our total confidence to bring you premium qualities at low-cost prices.


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