CCPA Compliance Solutions – How InfoComply Can Help?

Data privacy is one of the big concerns for customers, regulators, and an increasing priority for any business. Infocomply the best solution for CCPA compliance as it Reduce your risk and time to compliance. We provide a platform that has a complete set of features for both compliance management and data privacy management, scalable to handle changes for existing regulations, and managing the new upcoming ones which make InfoComply The #1 Trusted Platform for Information Privacy & Security Compliance.

CCPA Compliance

(CCPA) broadly expands the rights of consumers and also requires businesses within the scope to be remain more significant and more transparent about how they collect, use, and disclose personal information of their customers. It includes similar features as the GDPR has, from its extraterritorial reach to its expansive rights for people, and will impact thousands of companies worldwide that have customers or employees situated in California. CCPA states that the company needs to provide more information to consumers about what’s being done with their data and also give them more control over how or if the data is shared. A few key components of the Act give residents of California the power to:

  • Know what type of personal data is being collected
  • Allow to Request details on how their data is being processed
  • Access their data
  • Request to have their data deleted
  • Allow knowing whether their data is disclosed to third parties
  • Allow to Decline or opt-out of the sale of their data

InfoComply is one of the leading companies that are dedicated to helping customers in reducing the time to compliance with CCPA and other upcoming global regulations, empowering consumers, and protecting brand reputation. Our mission at InfoComply is to leverage technology and innovative software to assist businesses in safely and securely collecting, storing, and processing data while reducing risk and increasing accountability.

CCPA Compliance Tools solution from InfoComply can help you establish a comprehensive compliance plan, implement proper data security controls, and provide evidence that those controls are aligned with the following CCPA privacy regulations:

  • Entity Based Regulation Governance- Effectively Manage CCPA Regulations and Compliance (Measure, Comply, Thrive)
  • Privacy Policies Management- for easy maintenance across multiple consumer touch points
  • Consumer Rights Management - Intake and fulfillment of consumer requests
  • Information Asset Management & Mapping Data Flows- Provide Infrastructure for tracking and managing all CCPA categories of personal data and their purpose
  • Vendor and Privacy Assessment Automation- Enables alignment with vendors on data processing using CCPA compliant contracts

And this makes Infocomply Best Solution for CCPA Compliance Software and one of the Trusted Platform for both Information Privacy & Security Compliance. To know about InfoComply please call us at +1 800-211-8050 or visit our website here:


CCPA Compliance Tools


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