Chris Iula is An Expert Home Inspector to Detect the Quality and Condition of a Property

A property that looks good doesn’t mean it is in the best condition for your investment. There can be many defects or problems that cannot be visible to your naked eye. Hence, it is always better to avail professional home inspection services to have a check on the property before you invest your money so that you need not regret later. The home inspector has the necessary expertise and equipment to detect the flaws in a property inside out to offer you a comprehensive report on the condition and quality of the property for you to make a well-informed decision whether to buy the property or not. Chris Iula is one professional home inspector who offers his services in and around Saratoga Springs helping his clients in determining the quality of the buildings they would like to invest. They can not only check the significant defects but also suggest improvements and maintenance to rectify the problems.

The home inspector offers comprehensive services to identify any type of defects in a property. Mold formation is one common problem that is found in many properties and Chris Iula could identify mold formation and the causes leading to such a condition in the property like dampness or leaked pipes and accordingly offer their solution to the customer. MOld is surely a health hazard and it is important for one to be assured that the house is clear from any such bacteria or fungus in the building. Similarly, the home inspector also offers his services for pest inspection whether be it the bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, rats and many more that can surely lead to unhygienic conditions in the house. The home inspector identifies the origin for the pests and come up with remedies to totally eradicate them from the surroundings so that they don’t keep coming back again and again. You can also avail his services for testing water purity whether it is free of nitrates and nitrites, bacteria, lead etc. Chris Iula also offer Radon testing services which is a radioactive gas found in rocks and soil in certain areas which escapes through underground fissures and enters a building through the pores, leaks and openings in the foundation, pipes and other means. This radon gas is detected using charcoal canister, continuous radon monitors and self-test kits by the home inspector.
Whatever defects or maintenance issues are found in a property the home inspector shall offer a comprehensive inspection report for the customer to take a call.

Chris the home inspector offering Home inspection service in various areas like Albany, Ballston Lake, Ballston Spa, Cambridge, Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Fort Edward, NY and much more! Want to contact Chris the home inspector LLC Call or text to set up an appointment in the today.



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