Discover the benefits of implementing 3D printing in the dental sector

3D printing is included in the set of technologies of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. And, as expected, the dental sector has been one of the first to embrace it and incorporate it into their work processes.

In fact, the market for industrial and professional 3D printers is constantly growing thanks to the high consumption of this technology in companies related to the dental sector.

Today, any clinic or laboratory can already combine oral examination with CAD / CAM design and 3D printing resin, improving traditional modeling and greatly increasing the profitability of their businesses in every way.

What benefits do we obtain by incorporating 3D printing in our dental clinic or laboratory?

There are numerous factors that argue for greater profitability within dental clinics and laboratories when using 3D printing in dentistry. The most important and affecting both the company and the end customer are time and money. What company would not like to incorporate a service that reduces costs and in turn minimizes time?

Build what you need in 3D without leaving your clinic:

The best 3D printer allows us to eliminate, among other things, outsourcing of jobs. In this way, the complete dental prosthesis and reconstruction manufacturing process can be carried out in the same clinic, which represents a very notable saving for everyone.

Save on staff:

According to the latest studies, dental laboratories incorporate 3D technology to make dental prostheses within their own facilities. With this, a task such as manufacturing a single dental piece that previously required the participation of three or four people, now only requires a technician. Another way to save money for both the doctor and the patient.

Optimize the schedule:

One of the problems that a patient encounters when visiting the dentist is the number of trips they have to make to the dental clinic.
Actions such as manufacturing molds, partial dentures, implant crowns, and bridges, involve the patient in continuous comings and goings between measurements, tests, and final adjustments.

Thanks to 3D printing, you can test numerous designs before reaching the final product. You have the option of making negatives to make the molds and even make your own molds directly as well as build tests and models on the same day.

Gain trust with your patients:

Many renowned doctors claim that patients show greater trust with the dental clinic and doctors because the material they put on is made in the same clinic.

At K-Lab Digital Solutions, we are offering 3D printing solutions in dentistry and many other industries.


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