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Coined for the first time in 1912 by the American psychologist William Stern, the intellectual quotient (IQ) is a value commonly associated with the level of intelligence, the result of a series of psychological tests.

IQ is an estimate of intelligence obtained through certain standardized tests. However, the question we ask ourselves later is: what do we understand by intelligence? 

In the best IQ test, certain answers are established based on calculation, logic, and analysis. 

The types of intelligence:

For many years, it has been believed that IQ was the only way to measure intelligence. In the early 1980s, Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, published his theory about the different capacities that people could have: the so-called multiple intelligences.

In it, he indicated that intelligence, in the global sense of the term, is built on the basis of biological, cultural, historical factors and also related to personal life. Thus, according to Gardner, there are 8 bits of intelligence:

- Logical-mathematical intelligence

- Visual or spatial intelligence

- Linguistic-verbal intelligence

- Musical intelligence

- Body-kinesthetic intelligence

- Intrapersonal intelligence

- Interpersonal intelligence

- Naturalistic intelligence

Despite the interestingness of this theory, the IQ test is still the most relevant and there are schools that still do tests of this type to know the level of intelligence of the students. 

In fact, some companies also use it to determine the score of candidates: it is ideal for technical jobs, since, as we say, the IQ test mainly measures skills in mathematics and logic.

In this way, IQ Test Online is a very useful complementary resource that can help you make the best possible decisions for your company.

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