Enjoy the Benefits of Free Baptist Sermons

At the Lighthouse Church of Houston, we welcome all believers into our fold, we care and nurture for our members with love and kindness that has been bestowed to unto us by God. We believe that we are closest to God when we seek our inner lights and forge our paths according to His word, which will empower each one of us to fulfil our destinies. We strive to bring his word to you through all the activities conducted at our Lighthouse Church, most all through our Free Baptist Sermons.

We are predisposed to losing ourselves in the din and monotony of your everyday lives, forgetting that our higher purposes and forsaking our spiritual fulfilment. Even those of us who do keep the Lord in our hearts, often forget to pray to call out to Him, to perform His most holy rituals and sanctify ourselves as true believers. Our Baptist Sermons Ministry takes regular sermons to remind old followers of their responsibilities and joys while also creating new fellowships of believers by merely keeping our doors open.

Baptism itself is a pure expression of our firmest beliefs as the reality of inner spiritual selves. We owe it to ourselves, to our friends, to our families, to our loved ones, to consecrate ourselves and them in our commitment to being bonded together under God. Under obedience to Christ, our Ministry is authorized with the right to perform these ceremonies, as is the Divine will and to integrate other members into the body of Christ.

Through our Baptist Sermons, we call on our members to come to witness the power of our Church, to integrate themselves properly into all the skills and privileges and resources afforded to them through their commitment to the Church. So, it has been ordained that the Church shall carry out the responsibility of propagating the complete benefits of baptism, so they and their members can declare their commitment to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Lighthouse Church of Houston honours this responsibility with humility and sincere reverence to manifesting His word into lived realities.

Under the deft and able guidance of Senior Pastor Keion Henderson, the members of our Church are never lost and can redeem their real value from life. With his years of experience and natural grace, he can bring together people in harmony and joy to celebrate the peace of our congregations.

For more details please visit the website https://lhhouston.church/.


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