Everything You need to Know About Payment through XPay Life ATP kiosk.

The XPay Life has provided a revolutionary product to the bill payment sector. India has never been acquainted with a technology that is going to solve a humungous problem and digitally empower India. As per the BCG Google reports, about 80% of rural India and approximately 20% of rural India prefer financial transactions through cash for Gas Bill payment. But with India pacing towards the digitization era, there are paperless offices, UPI payments that have streamlined the mobile payment services, many applications that have eased the process of the transaction.

What is XPay Life ATP Kiosk?

A kiosk is a state-of-art touch screen machine that facilitates bill payment through by accepting cash as a bill payment mode and makes the transaction digital. This is solving many hindrances regarding the smooth shift to the digital platform and assists in easy dth recharge. The Kiosk has a cash acceptor, that accepts the paper notes one by one and displays the denomination on the touch-screen, hence easy bill payment can be done by using cash. As the transaction will be happening through an electronic mode, the transaction is said to be digital. The payment can also be made through the integrated PoS machine inside the kiosk that accepts payment through debit/credit cards.

How is the digitization cased using XPay.Life Kiosk?

As most of the population is cash-dependent and it is not easy to transit the whole population to the digital modes of payment. Also, they are less acquainted with the digital processes and finds it highly overwhelming to pay through the online Electricity bill payment site and also it is deemed to be a complex transaction. While payment through cash is simple and immediate settlement of payment is provided.

But through the bill payment kiosk, you can pay Broadband bill or any other bill payments and receive the payment receipt. As XPay Life is an agent institution under the BBPS/NPCI, all the transactions made through the bill payment kiosk are BBPS assured adding credibility and assurance to the payment. These kiosks are deployed alongside the ICICI banks ATMs.

How to find the location Of XPay Life ATP Kiosk?

The kiosk is GPS enabled and hence the location can be known through the XPay Life mobile application. AS of now, the kiosk in Bangalore are placed in Teachers colony, Electronic city, Marathalli, Madivala, Ejipura etc. hence the next time, pay my water bill is through the XPay Life kiosk and make life simpler.


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