Explore your Fortunes at this Bilingual New Brunswick Province

Canada has 10 provinces in the country which invite skilled professionals and entrepreneurs into their respective province. One of the famous programs issued is from New Brunswick which is known as NBPNP or New Brunswick PNP program. New Brunswick has defined multiple pathways to immigrate to the province. Qualified aspirant immigrants will be provided with a nomination from the province on the event when the applicant qualifies for the program applied for. With the nomination, the applicant proceeds to apply for Canada Permanent residency with the IRCC. It is best to approach NBPNP through VISA Consultancy Services to ensure 100% success in the immigrations.

Any Canada Migration agent with strong experience and knowledge should be able to help the aspirant immigrant to relocate to the province. New Brunswick brings forward 3 separate pathways for aspirants to relocate to the province-

  • New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
  • New Brunswick Worker Stream
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneur Stream

To qualify under New Brunswick Express Entry Stream and Skilled worker stream, the applicant should have a job offer from an employer who is local to New Brunswick. Each of the streams ensures that the applicant will get Canada PR through their nomination. These immigrants should intend to live and work in New Brunswick. Canada Provincial Nomination Program is one of the most sought after programs for immigrations into Canada.

What attracts in NBPNP is their Entrepreneur Program. The NBPNP Entrepreneur stream is designed for all those enthusiastic business experts who intend to invest in New Brunswick.

Program Highlights –

  • This program nominates individuals with greatest ability to invest and grow in New Brunswick
  • Entrepreneurs should be able to establish, operate and actively manage the business in New Brunswick
  • Entrepreneurs should decide to live in New Brunswick.
  • The entrepreneur should be ready to adhere to all the requirements to become a permanent resident in Canada through the program.

obtain Permanent Residency in Canada through –

  1. The Entrepreneur or representative will submit an Expression of Interest online after registration. (Please note – Once an ITA (Invitation to Apply) is issued, the applicant will have to submit full length application)
  2. The documents will be processed and the decision will be given to the immigrant aspirant
  3. Once the aspirant receives his nomination from the province, the aspirant can proceed to apply for permanent residency in Canada.



Few Important Notes-

  • Documents need to be right and no misrepresentation is encouraged in the immigration process
  • The immigrant after having obtained the PR should work to maintain their legal immigration status in Canada.

Eligibility for NBPNP Entrepreneur Program –

  1. Business Requirements –

The Entrepreneur must have a minimum of 33.33% ownership in the business. The business should be beneficial for the province.

  1. Economic Benefit-

The business should be scalable at international levels

  1. Investment-

Investment Amount – CAD $250,000 plus tax

  1. Purchase of an established New Brunswick Business –

It should be proved that the business has been in continuous operations for a minimum of 3 years before the purchase date and is being run by the same owners during that period

  1. Creating Jobs for locals of NB –

The business should create a minimum of 2 full-time jobs for the locals

  1. Operating a business in NB –

Taxes relevant to the business must be paid to the New Brunswick Province. Right permissions must be obtained from the related authorities in Canada and the local province.

  1. Active management in the business –

The entrepreneur should be involved in the day to day working of the business.

  1. Intention to reside in New Brunswick –

The entrepreneur should intend to genuinely reside in New Brunswick.

Apart from this the entrepreneur should be able to qualify with the selection factors under  Canada Express Entry Pool which includes age, education, business experience, Language ability, proof of personal net-worth while also producing a genuine business plan.

The best way to proceed is to take support from ICCRC Immigration Consultant who will have the right connections to help connect you with the right business houses in New Brunswick.

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