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There is no doubt that many are perplexed when it comes to installing the curtain rods at the corners not knowing how to get the job done. They have to either splice or prefabricate the rods for draping the corner windows. But not anymore with the bendable curtain rods available from Flex Track that can be used as the corner curtain rod to drape the room. The bendable curtain rods offer a flexible solution for the corner window curtain rod that can be bent at any angle to curtain the windows of any shape. The Flexi Track curtain track systems are really unique with patented technology making multiple draping applications really possible in the real time scenario. Whether it is for curve windows, ceiling curtain tracks, bow windows, corner window curtain etc you can find the best solutions from the Flexi Track systems. The tracks though bendable are sturdy enough to hold the drapes which are imbedded with a metal spine for that extra flexibility and strength to the curtain rods. The company has also won The WCMA 2013 product award for their innovative solutions in the curtain track systems.

The flexi track systems are the most superior products available in the market whether you need a corner curtain rod or one to create a partition in the bathroom or the bedroom, retail store or a cubicle project you can find the best solutions from the company in affordable price. By adding the flexi track systems in the desired shape you can surely add an appeal to the room with the curtains arranged correctly as per the requirement. Moreover, all the curtain tracks from the company are made from steel and resin adding that durability and quality to the tracks so that you never have to worry about the tracks tumbling down with the draper weight. The tracks are available in different lengths for you to choose with custom track cuts suitable for your application. You can also choose all the other accessories from the same platform so that you can install the tracks using the do it yourself guide without any problem. The company generally recommends 4 rollers for foot of track and you can also buy duty end caps, ceiling mount cartridges as recommended by the company for best application.

You can place an order online for the corner window curtain rod with the required measurements and specifications that shall be delivered to your home on making the payment online.

Theflextrac offers one of the widest online selections of curtain track systems in the USA. Our curtain tracks and accessories are designed and intended to be mounted to the ceiling or other horizontal surfaces. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track! If you want to know more details, about flexible curtain track just check our website.


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