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Many companies are often struck when they have to operate in a foreign country due to language barrier or failing in finding the local talent to get their tasks done. But not anymore as now you can post freelance jobs online on the iworku platform to find employees with professional’s skills willing to work as freelancers to get your job done. All you need is to post your job description and requirements like the place of work, qualification and experience expected, job budget, language required, deadline for the project etc. so that interested candidates who match your requirements shall bid for the job for you to select and hire one suitable for your job requirements. There are many categories you can post a job on iworku platform like interpreter services, telemarketing persons, market research people, translation and writing and many more services that need no office but can be individually carried out by the freelancers to meet your job requirements. Once you hire the freelancer you can pay them on completion of the task through paypal online in their desired currency.

Similarly, those who are looking for freelancer jobs can either apply for the online jobs posted on the portal or upload their resume quoting their experience and expertise to carry on certain tasks for the employers in your local area. You can describe the services offered by you along with your company or personal contact details and previous work experience for the employers to contact you online. If you are satisfied with the offer or the project bid you can start working and at the end of the project receive your money online without any hassles. The iwork platform offers a common platform for both the employers and genuine freelancers looking out for jobs online. The registration on this platform is free but on completion of the project a 10% of the agreed price between the seller and the buyer has to be paid as a platform service charge.

The iworku platform offers secure online transactions and supports different languages and currencies to see that the process goes smoothly. In case, of any conflict between the seller and the buyer one can apply for resolution that shall be sorted out by the iworku team. By registering with the website iworku both the employers and the freelancers can find good opportunities without many efforts.


Iworku is expertise in providing the best interpreter services like translation of languages. We are also providing the international trade services such as exchanging of goods and services from abroad. For more details, please visit us online.


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