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Jakes degrees help him to provide a unique perspective on the client’s issues. Jake is the resident of Santa Barbara and his only passion lies in the food and wine industry. After returning from Santa Barbara Jake worked in litigation for a number of years. He holds various degrees from various universities. Jake has experience in working for the law industry for several years. It was in 2018 when Jake left the law industry and started his own firm. He has worked in various positions starting from harvest intern till to working in Los Olivo’s top farm.


Our main goal is to understand client needs and resolve certain issues. We always try to solve current problems. We provide both traditional and non-traditional law services. We are experts in predicting problems and offer valuable advice to prevent them. Our advice adds a lot of value to our clients

The clients we represent

  1. Individuals
  2. Non-profit organization
  3. Winemakers
  4. Brewers
  5. Distillers
  6. Masers
  7. Sommeliers
  8. Vineyard Managers
  9. Vineyards
  10. Third-Party Providers
  11. Retailers
  12. Bars/Hotels/restaurants/off sale
  13. Distributors
  14. Brokers
  15. Importers
  16. Exporters
  17. Custom crush facilities
  18. Mead/Kombucha/Jun Producers
  19. Distilleries
  20. Breweries
  21. Wineries


You can have met Jake at his law firm’s home office. He also provides services across Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties through on-site meetings. He does not charge any transportation fee.

Phone number: (805) 635-8555

Email id:


P.O. BOX 1261 Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Our aim is to proper, effective legal counseling in lieu of affordable prices. Our charges are just right to keep you going on the business. Alcohol and Beverage industry has been Jake’s passion and he is quite good at his passion turned profession. You will receive valuable insights from us. Valuable legal advice ensures that your success in the industry. All the advices provided by us are practically based. With a unique perspective about the industry, you can plan your business better.

Things are generally predicted to be smooth after you have gained proper insights. We have been good at predicting future issues and provide accurate solutions to prevent future issues. The educational background of Jake enables him to provide dynamic solutions to different types of problems. You can completely trust us with all your issues. You can rely on our expert advisors to become successful in the alcohol and beverage industry. To find out more about business lawyer in California visit our site


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