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There is lot of demand for vacation rental homes as most of the renters are looking for a homely environment and being close to the locals for a real time experience rather than distancing themselves by staying out in the hotels. However, there is surely some confusion in choosing trusted vacation home rental properties with many home owners and websites promoting their properties. To overcome this the renters can now checkout for a rental property through reliable platform like which first verifies the home owners’ college or corporate mail id and then allows them to list their property on their portal. The same also holds well with the renters whose college or corporate mail id is first verified before giving them access to find vacation rental homes on the portal. In this manner the portal offers a wonderful and meaningful connection between the house owners and the renters ensuring them that they are dealing with reliable people that best suits to the interests of both the parties.

As a renter you can find bay area short term rental homes, homes in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego whether you are looking to stay for a day, week or a month. You can more over find all types of homes whether you are looking for a condo, dorm, apartment or house within your budget. You can clearly go through the description and details of the properties that you’re interested to judge and choose one that best suits to your interests. As you are finding homes through Linked Stay you can be assured that you are going to deal with trusted professionals with whom you can also build a new connection. Similarly, the home owners who are listing their property on Linked Stay can be assured that they shall find reliable and professional renters with whom they can deal with peace of mind. It is up to the owners to set their own rules, availability and price for their vacation rental home and earn money on the extra space. By establish a good connection with the professional renters it is also possible to share knowledge with your guests.

The vacation rental homes surely offer a wonderful atmosphere for the guests as they can relax and enjoy their privacy just like at home. Along with traveling to different places they can also build connections with like-minded hosts.


LinkedStay is offering short term home rental services in Bay Area. We handle the entire short term rental process from start to finish.You can rent places for short term, long term, daily, weekly or monthly basis with peace of mind. For more info about our Bay Area short term rental services, just do visit us online.


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