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If you are planning to visit Greece on your next vacation, you should hire a Motor yacht charter. You will get the widest selection of yachts in Greece. But there are many questions come in your mind while hiring Daily cruises Greece.

What will be served on board during the trip?

Remember that a charter is a 5-star experience, so the moment the contract is signed they will send you a checklist of preferences. Through this checklist, they will get to know your taste better and follow you exactly. The boat's chef will always try to serve an amazing menu but based on your favorite ingredients. This checklist will also be important for them to know the restrictions on the diet of people on board if any.

Will you celebrate your birthday while traveling? Do not miss to hire Greece yacht charter.

About possible additional expenses:

Nobody likes to have surprises at the end, so it is better to leave the mainland already knowing all the expenses that are included in the package. For example, is fuel included or is it necessary to complete the tank on the lap? What about the food?

As for the crew, many rentals Yacht charter already include the qualified professional who will drive the boat, but it costs nothing to check it out so as not to be surprised.

Speedboat rental isn't even that complicated, once you have found the perfect speedboat for your goals, just close the deal and enjoy the trip.

Should I tip the crew?

Yes, remember that like any service provided anywhere in the world, including here in Greece, tipping is a common practice. In the case of the charter, the values ​​are the same as in restaurants. This tip may be paid in the act of booking, personally to the captain or deducted from the remaining balance of the cost provision if any.

Do I need any specific insurance to travel onboard?

Nobody goes on vacation thinking that something unforeseen might come from the holidays they are going to, but it is advisable to be prepared. Normally our contracts benefit from the insurance of the vessel itself, which will be checked by us in all cases regarding policies for coverage for third parties, personal accidents, etc. After this consultation, if you think it is necessary, common travel insurance can be contracted independently.


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