HCG Diet - Rules, Benefits, and how does it work?

The hCG diet was started in 1954 by the British doctor Simeons. He found out how the pregnancy hormone, human chorion gonadotropin (hCG), affects the human body. This hormone is produced by the placenta during pregnancy and is responsible for the maintenance of the fetus.

When the hormone is used in its pure form, more fatty tissue is broken down than muscle, especially on the abdomen and on the hip.

Losing weight through a diet with HCG (pregnancy hormone):

HCG Diet in Orange County, CA is one of the most favorite diet plans of Hollywood stars also. 

This diet favored many Hollywood stars who had to lose weight quickly for their various roles. They had their pregnancy hormone injected daily. Also, daily calorie intake has been reduced to 500 calories. 

During the diet, a lot has to be drunk and a lot of sports are to be done. The hCG accelerates fat burning, tightens the skin and brightens the mood. It ensures a constant blood sugar level and reduces the feeling of hunger. This way it is very effective in weight loss in Orange County, CA.


- The hCG diet dictates a healthy diet and a lot of exercises.

- The renunciation of alcohol and industrially produced foods are beneficial to health.

- The diet of the hCG diet is varied and delicious.

- Studies confirm the positive effect of hCG on cellulite.

- hCG hormones improve mood.

- The hCG diet can be easily implemented.

- It is also suitable for working people.

How does the hCG diet work?

HCG Diet in Orange County, CA is performed for at least three weeks. It offers the chance to increase your metabolism and to switch to a healthy diet in the long term.

The diet consists of parts, which are described below:

1. The loading phase:

In medical weight loss Orange County, before the diet, you can eat everything you like on two gourmet days. This should stimulate the metabolism.

However, as dieting can only be successful in the long term if you change your diet, you should also eat healthy foods during these two days of food. These include healthy fats from nuts, avocados, olive oil, cheese, and fish.

2. The diet phase

The actual diet lasts 21 days and can then be extended again by 21 days. During the diet phase follow these rules:

Fat, sugar and carbohydrates are prohibited. Even the meals are prepared without fat. You should use fresh or chilled products. You may eat fruit and vegetables in between if you do not exceed the total calorie count of 500.


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