Here’s How You Can Communicate about the Safety Message in Construction

As per Herta A Murphy, Herbt W Hildebrandt and Jane P Thomas, creators and editors of Effective business correspondences, utilizing 'the seven Cs' helps development directors and laborers to turn out to be better communicators by choosing the message substance and style that best suits the reason and beneficiary of a message. Here in this workplace safety Australia blog, we are going to talk about a few important things.

The seven Cs are material to both composed and verbal messages. The sender (speaker or creator) should plan and get ready to guarantee that every correspondence is:


A total security and wellbeing correspondence should respond to six inquiries:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

It ought to incorporate every one of the realities the intended interest group needs to completely comprehend and, if vital, react. It should plan to leave no inquiries in the brain of the recipient.

Does it:

Helps better basic leadership, as the beneficiaries gets all the ideal and basic data that is significant to them

  • Spares the time and expenses of extra 'fill in' correspondence
  • Creates and improves the notoriety of the sender/division/association
  • Guarantees shared significance.


Each message ought to convey pertinent data to the collector plainly, without pointless tedium, equivocalness or unimportant detail. Compact data:

  • Centres around the key message(s)
  • Is all the more engaging and fathomable to the group of spectators


Try not to utilize specialized or business language except if you're sure that your group of spectators knows about the terms. An unmistakable correspondence centres on a particular message or objective, as opposed to attempting to accomplish a lot immediately. For lucidity, utilize accurate and fitting language. Clear correspondence:

  • Empowers crowds to comprehend a message easily
  • Improves the significance of the message.


All data in a correspondence ought to be checked for precision. Rightness likewise alludes to the utilization of appropriate accentuation, language structure and spelling. Right correspondence:

  • Greater affects the crowd
  • Expands certainty levels in the communicator.


Supporting a message with solid statistical data points as proper makes the correspondence increasingly strong and persuading. A solid message:

  • Fortifies trust in the general message
  • Limits the potential for error.


Powerful correspondence ought to think about the intended interest group. Endeavor to sympathize with the group of spectators' perspectives, foundation, outlook and appreciation levels, and make your messages individual. Accentuate what's conceivable as opposed to what's outlandish. By demonstrating an intrigue and encouraging shared regard, correspondence turns out to be progressively important. Thought:

  • Invigorates a positive response from the group of spectators
  • Passes on hopefulness.

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