Holographic labels and their uses to secure your brand’s authenticity

If we talk about the Holographic stickers, there’s much to discuss. Once you know the detailed information, you would love to introduce such stickers into your product’s packaging.

What are these holographic stickers?

These stickers are most likely any others from afar. But they have ink printed over vinyl. This creates an illuminating effect even from a distance. This way, your brand’s stick is quite visible to others simply passing by.

How do these stickers work?

Simply printing ink over vinyl is not enough. There are layers applied over such printed stickers. That is a necessary step to give a protective layer to the stickers important for your brand and its image.

Multiple layers are introduced in the printed design when ordering the graphic designer or the holographic sticker designers to make a highly complex, unique, and creative design with an iridescent effect.

When you don’t want the iridescent effect, simple white layers are introduced in the middle. This way, your stickers can still be perfect and still not flashy enough to be on the viewer's face.

The white layers are the best when you want to highlight the design or label of your brand. Otherwise, without white layers, the holographic sticker designers can imprint catchy texts on the stickers.

How do they help in enhancing the security of your brand and its authenticity?

They are unique:

Every holographic sticker on demand is creative and unique. They are hard to copy and emulate by others. Therefore, a differentiated identity is attached to your product when you stick holographic stickers onto those products during the packaging processes.

Their colors do not fade:

These holographic stickers are trustable and dependable investments a brand manager can make. That’s because highly durable layers are introduced while printing such a holographic sticker design.

Therefore, their colors do not fade. They create an ever-lasting brand image in the beholder’s mind. Even after multiple uses of the product, such a sticker will look as fresh as possible.

It gives out a perception of premium quality products for sure.

You can hide the barcodes in between the holographic stickers

There is a provision given to the brand managers to make their products unique and authentic in the market. That’s highly possible using the barcodes and any other serial number using the holographic stickers.

As these stickers do not come off, the value chain members would easily recognize your original product. Therefore, you can easily track your original products until it reaches the end-user.

You would know what’s been happening to your product just because of the holographic stickers attached to the same.


Choose your holographic sticker designers wisely, offering you ample designs, color palettes, and extra security services to be embedded inside these stickers. For your reference, https://nanografix.com/ is one such website that you can easily rely on for secure holographic labels needs.


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