How is the XPay ATP Kiosk Revolutionising the Bill Payment Sector In India

The XPay Life is providing a full spectrum of digital payment solutions through the Mobile App, website, ATP kiosk, PoS machine and Mobile Van. These products and services are providing multi-utility bill payments like bses rajdhani bill payment through the myriad of options. It is catering to all the sectors of Indian society. As there are many mobile applications that provide the bill payment facilities which was supposedly was the biggest hurdle. The smallest villages were always deprived of the urban infrastructures and the data literacy was also low. In this regard, the XPay Life started innovation for village e-commerce and onbringing of the customers in the rural side towards the digital realm.

Any time Kiosk by XPay Life is a state-of-art machine that provides a touch-screen facility to operate the machine. This is providing an enthralling experience to the customers. Also, it is facilitating bill payment by accepting cash as a digital payment mode. Hence it is called the cash accept machine kiosk which also accepts payment through the debit/credit cards. This AYP kiosk has gained high customer acceptance and more than 256 kiosks are deployed in Jharkhand, the smallest state of India. It is making more than 100cr of transactions from the smallest state.

As the kiosk is providing round-the-clock payment and catering to the offline preferred customer base. There is credibility associated with the process. As the transaction through the XPay Life is BBPS assured. The online payment gateways are highly secure as they are built on the most secure technology of the blockchain. This is resistant to any alterations in the stored data. Hence the customers can pay water bill online without any hassles. Also, the website and application don’t store any credit/debit card details providing another layer of security.

Online Gas Bill Payment can be done with a few easy steps through the XPay.Life app. The mobile application is adaptable on both iOS and Android devices. 

The Landline Bill Payment is also possible through the mobile vans. The company’s USP is the ATP kiosk, PoS machine, and the Mobile Van. As all of these are facilitating bill payments by accepting cash as a digital payment mode and making accessibility of the infrastructures that were impended to be the part of the urban region. hence making life simpler in the rural regions who had to travel long distances for the bill payment. XPay Life Mobile Van is sure to be a boon to rural India and an increased improvisation for the tech-savvy urbanites.


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