How to Change the Text Fonts for AOL Email

Normally the email & webmail software has default font settings but in most case, creative people think to change it. Some users face difficulty to see the default font of emails. Therefore the AOL email provides facility to change the font setting of the message. If you are users of AOL version 9.0 or other latest one. Then you can easily change the font size & type.  If you face trouble to while follow the steps reach to tech support team. Via AOL customer support number you can ask tech support to guide you. They will tell you how to change the text font of AOL.

Step 1.

Click & open the AOL software. Go to the settings icon located at the toolbar. Select the tab of “A-Z Index” & tap on the link "Font and Text" or "Font and Text Settings."

Step 2.

From the left side of the toolbar select the "Font and Text Settings" header. Under this section click on a font name from the drop-down box. View the font from the text box, & after you are satisfied then select and proceed to next step.

Step 3.

Now select the text font size from the font drop down box.

Step 4.

To select the font color by click on the icon “A” which is located on the right side of the font size drop-down box. If you want bold color then select the icon “B” & if want the font in italics then selects the icon “I”.

Step 5.

Under the display, select the text size "Small," "Medium" or "Large" which you want. After that when you have selected the font size, type & color click on save button.

Now you have successfully change the text font of AOL email. If you have any doubt then click on AOL tollfree number .Through the tech support of AOL mail, you will find the solution. Related to AOL email any trouble can be resolved instantly. The dedicated team of customer support is 24 x 7 available.


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If you are looking for various methods to solve the AOL server down the error, then feel free to read ahead. Executing the solutions shared forward can help you resolve the error. Clear the local DNS cache, update the browser’s settings, and clearing the browser’s cookies, cache and history will help in this matter. You can also dial AOL Customer Care number and have a word with the experts to obtain a solution.

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