How to choose the best artificial grass?

At, we have an artificial grass factory Ibiza so we are going to offer you the best tips to choose the artificial grass that best suits what you need.

When we want to install an outdoor synthetic grass for our home or our company, it is normal that we have doubts about how to choose the most suitable one for us.

Therefore, it is important to know a series of differences and characteristics of the different types of artificial grass that help us choose the one that best suits our needs.

Why choose artificial grass?

Continuous technological advances allow us to offer synthetic grass models that very realistically resemble natural ones, achieving great quality in appearance and touch.

Therefore, the artificial balcony garden which has been used for decades in sports facilities is occupying a privileged place in terraces and gardens of homes and businesses of all kinds, since it does not require maintenance and allows a great saving of water.

To choose the best artificial grass we must be clear about where we are going to place it and what use we are going to give it:

- Before deciding which is the best artificial grass for us, we have to take into account some aspects so that our choice is the most appropriate.

Artificial grass for terraces? artificial grass for outdoor? Artificial grass for swimming pools? For a stand? For public access premises? Each of these uses requires certain characteristics. Here are several tips to help you make your choice.

Tips to keep in mind to choose the best artificial grass:

With these points, you will be very clear about how to choose the best artificial grass for your needs:

Very busy area: If you are in an area with a lot of traffic, it is good that it has a fast recovery design, which allows the filaments to be replaced soon after the tread, so we recommend our Premium range models.

In the pool area: If you are near the pool, we recommend installing products with good technical performance and memory effect in its fibers.

Pets that play with him: If we have pets, we must choose artificial grass whose fibers are soft but at the same time resistant.

At, we have several models of artificial garden turf, so you will always have the most suitable option for your garden or terrace.


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