How to fence a property without losing aesthetics?

Beyond the concealment behind the enclosure, a world of decorative possibilities hides. Walls, fences, and gates. There are many similar ways to close property and enjoy the privacy of the garden, pool, or private terrace.

In this article, we will mention the most recommended and we will tell you what the trends in northern beaches fences will be for 2021.

Types of enclosures for gardens:

When talking about enclosures for gardens or outdoor spaces, we usually refer to them by the materials used in their manufacture. In this way, we can ensure that there can be as many types of garden fences as there are materials.

What material to choose for my fences?

Metal fencing, for example, is the most traditional. The fences with a geometric pattern, semi-open, are very common. Surely you have seen them together with natural heather, reed, or wicker for their concealment.

In this material, we can also find opaque panels ideal for erecting on walls and fencing properties with different styles. Aluminum fences, for example, are one of the most popular examples for their design and versatility.

Garden Fences: Use PVC Fences or Aluminum Fences?

PVC fences for gardens continue to be in the top 1 of the most recommended. PVC is a material that does not require maintenance and its cleaning is easy, very effective.

In terms of design, PVC fences can be combined with all kinds of avant-garde finishes and materials, being the most chosen model for interior design projects.

With PVC, you can choose imitation wood fences and continue betting on that vintage style that characterizes your garden so much. 

PVC is a material that stands out a lot with stone and concrete, a very subtle way to fence your property without sacrificing aesthetics.

Trends in 2021:

Fences with Led lighting. Can you imagine having a fence in your garden with different points of light to illuminate the area? Motion sensor spotlights can even detect the presence of people and illuminate the garden when necessary. 

If you opt for intelligent lighting, you can also program its ignition remotely or modify the light intensity through your Smartphone.

A mix of vintage and alternative. One of the most active trends for fencing contractors in the mix of old and modern materials in modern and rustic constructions. The mixture of wood and PVC in the fences of your home will be a great alternative to show off a more modern and current enclosure.

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