How to Resolve Quicken Error code 101 or 103

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Quicken Accounting software handles your personal accounting and financial mathematical calculations and also works with small startups. Working almost similarly as QuickBooks, it helps you to manage the payroll, inventories, payments, profit and loss statements and many more but on a variably small scale. One of the recurrent errors in Quicken is code 101 or 103. These errors will occur when you are downloading the transaction from your financial institution (bank) via one-step update service. To solve the snag, you can try to troubleshoot the error manually and later if required, get in touch with quicken customer support phone number. However, if you want to attain direct assistance from the experts, then do dial the toll-free number.


Why does Quicken Error 101 or 103 occur?

  • When your Quicken password is outdated
  • When the Quicken password in keychain access is not up to date.


How to solve Quicken Error 101 or 103?

Proceed step by step and solve the snag within no time

Step 1- Deactivating the account that is associated with the error codes

  • Open Quicken software
  • Click on Accounts and then on Hide and Show Accounts
  • Look for the account that is showing hidden for the financial institution and disable the checkmark near the box
  • Search for the account register that is getting affected by this code and then tap on Settings
  • Tap on Troubleshooting>Deactivate Downloads>Save


Step 2- Updating the bank account list and reactivating your bank account

  • Launch Quicken software
  • Click on Accounts and then on New
  • Search for the option of ‘My bank is not listed’ and click on the question mark icon near it
  • After that click on Update list and once it gets updated, click on Show List.’
  • Select your financial institution and enter your login credentials


In case, you are unable to solve the dilemma via these two steps, then another one that can be seen as an option is deleting the Quicken Password from the keychain access. The prospect of getting in touch with quicken technical support is an option always available with the customers 24*7.


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