How to sand parquet and wooden floors?

Floor sanding northern beaches is a process that takes place within the stabbing. To sand the parquet, special sanders are used for each type of floor. 

Parquets that are multilayer have a very thin layer of natural wood that must be sanded very carefully so as not to drag all the wood. After sanding it and lifting the damaged layer, it is necessary to go on to give a layer of varnish that helps to nourish the wood, give it shine and return to its initial state.

It is an expensive activity for the pocket and with which we will have to be out of our house for several days since the varnish must dry properly before stepping on the floor. As it is such a delicate process, it is important that a professional take care of timber floor polish, and you have to find a good one that will leave the perfect floor.

What to take into account when sanding the parquet?

Several defects are generated in the parquet and that makes it necessary to think about sanding. These damages are mainly related to wear and tear and deterioration of the areas that are most frequently used, such as scratches, stains, loss of gloss, dull appearance, or discoloration of the parquet.

When a job is carried out on the wooden floor, we can choose to clean it thoroughly, eliminate the embedded dust or scratches that have been generated. As well as extend the useful life of the floor with treatment or change it completely by renewing the design it had. 

Therefore, laying floorboards over existing floorboards the parquet and treating it are good options to improve its aesthetics and its useful life.

What tools are used to sand the parquet?

Both the operation of sanding parquet and wooden floors as well as slashing them, require the use of specific hand-held power tools. Two types are the most used, the belt and/or roller sanders, which do almost all the sanding work on the surface, and the edge sanders. Thanks to which access to the edges is possible and areas of difficult access.

When doing a good sanding of the parquet and wooden floors, a series of steps must be followed and so it is advisable to hire a professional like Pittwater Eco Floor Sanding ( We are also experts in laying engineered wood flooring on floorboards.



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