How to Uninstall Norton Password Manager?

norton product key - Being considered as one of the most reliable antivirus software, Norton delivers excellent protection to your device against the unwanted virus attacks. It has a user-friendly interface which anyone can efficiently operate this antivirus software. If talkingabout the Norton password manager, it provides additional security that allows its users to create and use a unique and complex password for each of the online accounts they use. With the help of it, users can easily manage their passwords and access their favorite sites quickly. Norton password manager also helps you to keep your account detailed synced and saved, and protects you from suspicious and invalid activities. You can use Norton software to handle your personal data such as- addresses, date of birth, and credit card information. However, it’s your choice if you do not wish to use Norton Password Manager further. In order to uninstall this feature from your devices, you can simply browse or follow these below-mentioned steps to remove it from your device. In case you need some more information, you can freely speak to Norton technical experts who are available round the clock for 24x7 hours to provide you with the relevant and trustworthy details.

Steps to uninstall Norton password manager from extensions page in Google Chrome:

Step 1: The very first step would be to go to Google Chrome.

Step 2:Click on ‘Settings’ present at the top-right corner on your device.

Step 3:Under the ‘Settings’ option, navigate to ‘More Tools’ and click ‘Extensions.’

Step 4:Under the ‘Extensions’ page, if you see ‘Norton Password Manager’ enabled, if you want to remove the feature, you can simply ‘Uncheck’ the ‘Enabled Box.’

Step 5:Restart Google Chrome and now start using it.

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Steps to uninstall Norton password manager from add-ons page in Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1:The very first step would be to click the ‘Mozilla Firefox.’

Step 2:Click ‘Add-ons’ present under the Firefox menu.

Step 3:Click ‘Norton Password Manager’ on the ‘Extensions Tab.’

Step 4:If ‘Norton Password Manager’ is grayed out, click ‘Enable’ to disable the feature.

Step 5:Now, restart Mozilla Firefox.


Steps to uninstall Norton password manager from extensions page in Safari:

Step 1:Open ‘Safari.’

Step 2:Go to the ‘Menu’ option and then click ‘Preferences.’

Step 3:Now hit ‘Extensions.’

Step 4:On the left pane, if you see ‘Norton Password Manager’enabled, uncheck the ‘Enabled box.’

So, these are the steps to uninstall the Norton password manager from your device. In case you need more information regarding norton setup , install or uninstall, you can directly reach out to the Norton technical experts and avail the best information from them in no time.


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