Ideas to Renovate your Home with Little Budget:

If you have ever wondered Quanto costa ristrutturare your home and create new environments in the spaces you inhabit, you will glad to know that you can Ristrutturazione appartamento with little budget. Following are the important ideas.

1. Decorate with memories of your trips:

If you have beautiful photos of your trips with friends or family, do not let them fill with dust in a drawer, show your visitors that your passion is to travel the world. Use that poor white wall that is still orphaned in your house, from side to side places colored threads and from these hangs with your small hooks your best photos. Now in your house, there is a small showroom so you can relive your best moments.

2. Create a photo mural:

This is one of the great ideas to Ristrutturazione casa. And at the same time one of the most original and fun. Include all the important people in your life in a large mural of photographs and memories. You can vary the geometric order that the portraits will form when the mural is finished. To give it more strength, you can paint a section or the entire background wall with some strong color.

3. A paper heart with a lot of character:

Look how easy it is to make this heart. You do not need to be an artist to achieve it. Just get papers of the colors you prefer and cut identical triangles. Now place them as they appear in the photo on the wall you prefer. You already have a new corner full of character and subtlety.

4. A very colorful bed back:

The same paper heart technique can be applied to create other decorations. Look, for example, how on this occasion the triangles form a border that perfectly decorates the back of the bed. Everything in this room is white and the paper mural gives strength to the environment.

5. A whole room with recycled material:

Have you seen these pallets or pallets that are used to transport materials or heavy goods? If you get some you can paint them and create a whole room without having to buy sofas or armchairs.

6. Decorate and organize at the same time:

This great strategy is ideal for small houses. Do not use the space in the drawers to store mugs and mugs. Release it and hang a pine board with lace on a wall. Your collection of utensils for tea and coffee will look beautiful decorating your house.

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