IQ test: Should it be used in a selection process?

Many tools can help you complete the strategy of a selection process. You can resort, for example, to selection by competences or to psychotechnical tests. However, lately, there is also a lot of talk about the usefulness of IQ testing as a recruitment method. We tell you more below.

Is the IQ test useful in a selection process?

This type of IQ test measures intelligence in an objective and quantifiable way, taking into account aspects such as learning ability and attitude to problem-solving. As well as issues related to communication and spatial skills. 

For this reason, it is a very useful tool, since it allows you to better understand certain capabilities of the candidate and give the selection process an objective aspect. In this way, the real IQ test is a perfect complement to the curriculum and the personal interview.

IQ test to recruit:

Of course, you have to bear in mind that this IQ test measures intellectual capacity but not skills or issues such as generic competences or emotional intelligence. This means that the candidate with the highest score does not have to be the most suitable for the position since there are other aspects that you have to value as well.

For which jobs is the IQ test more suitable?

This Intelligence test can be especially useful when you are evaluating inexperienced people because it can measure learning ability. That is the most valuable aspect that these types of candidates can contribute. 

As they are applicants who do not yet have certain skills acquired through experience, the best they can offer your company is their ability to learn, something that you can only evaluate through this type of test.

This tool is also very convenient if you are looking for a candidate whose future job is going to require a great capacity for concentration, analysis, and problem-solving.

Finally, thanks to its objectivity, the IQ test can serve as a curricular screening tool when you have many applicants since, unfortunately, sometimes you do not have time to interview them all. 

Thus, once you have selected the resumes that interest you, you just have to ask applicants to take the test and then interview only those who meet the intellectual requirements demanded by the job offered by your company.

As you can see, the IQ test can also be applied in Human Resources, so your department can get a lot out of this tool. 



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