It’s time to switch to online modes of bill payment using XPay Life.

The bill payments are a hectic process if you are someone who is highly dependant on the cash payments and prefer to travel a distance, reach the billers collection points and stand in queues to make apepdcl bill payment and as the whole nation is on quarantine that means you are house-arrested and are refrained to reach out to streets and the standing the queues are highly discouraged. In Bangalore, we are even having the military patrolling the streets to make sure the people are staying indoors and not being victimized to coronavirus. 

If this is the case, then you should hurry to the digital payment modes and pay your bills like calcutta electricity bill payment through the online modes and stay indoors. Even during corona times, everything might have stopped or paused, people are doing work from home but the bills will find you in health or illness and it is mandatory to pay bills to benefit the uninterrupted supply of the utilities like Electricity, water, piped gas, LPG, Mobile postpaid, Mobile prepaid, Landline postpaid, Broadband postpaid, Insurance, school fees, Cable TV, Loan repayment through EMI.

Download the XPay Life application that is compatible on both Android and iOS devices and make immediate payment through the online bill payment mode. Choose XPay Life to make Life simpler and more secure as it is built on the most secure technology of blockchain which promises a secure platform for all of your bill payment transactions. Hence the apepdcl online bill payment can be done without any worry and with the secure modes using the XPay Life. Another feature that adds a feather to the secure cap s the feature of nop storing the customers' sensitive data in the app and thus less exposure of the customer identity and date to the online fraudulent.

pay electricity bill online mumbai with a few steps using the XPay Life app which provides a user-friendly platform with just paying the bills without the cumbersome process of log in using passwords. For customer authentication, the login can be easily done through the OTP sent to your mi=obile number, direct login using facebook or gmail. 

Hence download the app now and pay electricity bill online meghalaya and avail exciting discounts upto Rs 200 on bill payments. Make Life Simpler adn secure with XPay Life. Stay Indoors and still stay connected.


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