Know characteristics of Persian Rugs:

If you are planning to Buy Oriental Rugs, it is important to know it better. That is why we bring you this article in which we tell you everything about characteristics so you know it very well and buy the right one from the Authentic Persian Rugs Store.


Traditional Antique Persian rugs are handwoven on a loom, and one of the most important features is knot counting. A quality carpet has about 120 knots per inch. The knots are seen from the bottom of the carpet. You have to turn it and touch to discover if it is handmade or machine-made.


Persian hand-woven rugs are typically made of wool, silk or a mixture of wool and silk. 100% pure silk carpets are thin and have a glossy finish. It is necessary to lie on the floor and see its surface, look at it from one side and the other and move it to appreciate its brightness. 

Wool, on the other hand, is more common. The quality depends on the sheep, the weather, the pastures and the shearing time. These materials withstand fire, while a machine-made one is highly flammable and gives off fluff.


Traditional carpets are made of natural dyes. You should look for colors that seem to come from nature: cochineal (insect) for reds, indigo plant for blues and pomegranate peel for yellow tones. Synthetic dyes tend to penetrate the fiber evenly, while natural dyes cover the surface. When you fold the carpet and insulate some threads you should see a subtle unevenness: those are the natural colors.


Not all Persian rugs are the same. The Kilim is a flat woven carpet and the Gabbeh is a carpet of hair woven by nomads. Both are beautiful, but it is important to know the difference and not to confuse.

Patterns Floral, geometric, cashmere, traditional or tribal? There is a pattern for everyone. One of the most sought after is cashmere or Paisley. 


It is key to know where the carpet will be placed and how it will be used. Although they are a luxury item, silk carpets are less resistant to use and, therefore, serve more decorative purposes, such as hanging on the wall. 


The prices of Persian rugs vary by the variety of floral and geometric patterns. Silk carpets are at the expensive end of the spectrum, with a harder material to obtain and a greater number of knots. Wool is easier to get, so these carpets are more affordable. For limited budgets are quilt or duvet type rugs made with squares of patched old rugs? It is always advisable to buy it from Best Oriental Rugs Store.




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