Know more about Indian food in KL @ Gajaa at 8

No matter to which country you reside, Indian foods have no comparison, especially south Indian. Fortunately, not only Indians but foreigners like to eat Indian foods. The mixture of herbs with other Indian ingredients has no comparison with the foods offered in foreign.

The fragrance and taste of Indian foods are just unique, which makes the people eager to eat it again and again.

Malaysia, a country in Asia, is prominent as of having many foodie destinations. Even, its citizens are food lovers. Since the Indian foods are not much available in this country, as only of a few destinations are offered such foods. Unluckily, all the Indian food destinations are not up to the mark. Only a few have mouth-watering and perfect Indian foods.

In Kuala Lumpur, one can find the best Indian food @ Gajaa at 8. It has been famous for a long-ago to keep offering the exact South Indian foods with perfect flavors. Thus, to refresh your taste buds with Indian foods, head to Kuala Lumpur.

Also, many people in Malaysia are not aware of Indian foods, since they never taste and even not offered.

Gajaa at 8 is the best place in KL, Malaysia, where food lovers can eat the best Indian foods. Its menu is so amazing, which really make the eaters eager to order more and more.

Which foods must have tried at @ Gajaa at 8?


          Alleppey Fish Curry

          Goan Fish Curry

          Prawn Mango Curry

          MeenPeera

          Plain Dosa

          Ghee Roast Dosa

          Mutton KeemaDosa

          Kappa with Anchovies

          Puri Masala

          Putta

          Appam


You must try the above South Indian dishes as these are awesome and cook with a lot of love. The ingredients use in these Indian dishes are brought from KL. Also, some secret herb is used which was brought from South of India only. Thus, to refresh your taste, be sure to visit at @ Gajaa at 8.

In addition, the dining is superb as it has an aristocrat look. The staff is also a veteran and friendly. They also serve in Indian styles.

Thus, not only for Indian but also for other people living in KL, Malaysia, visit @ Gajaa at 8 will surely be an exceptional experience. They will feel enthralling as from food to dinning; everything is above than mark.

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Good Indian Food In KL

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