Malta’s Residency Program

Many countries across the world offer their residency in exchange for an investment in the country. One such country is Malta. Many high net worth individuals are taking up these opportunities to provide for them an alternate living and opportunities to explore various business markets. Having permanent residency in another country is gaining more popularity in today’s times. One can purchase residency in another country by either investing in the real estate of the country or by investing in the business of the country. There are few other countries which provide their residency in exchange for donations made to the country.

Malta’s Permanent Residency by investment program is one of the most unique immigration programs in the whole of European Union.

Benefits of the program –

  1. With the investor having residency permit in Malta, the can have their business based in Malta, which is one of the fastest growing countries in the European union
  2. The investor will have access to the rest of the European Union.
  3. Malta has a stable government and secure economy thus providing the investor a sense of confidence about their investments,
  4. The country is safe with limited violence reported
  5. A lot of importance is given for family environment in the country.
  6. Health care benefits are provided
  7. The investor has the right to purchase second properties in Malta.
  8. With Malta’s residency permit, the investor can travel across the whole of Schengen space.
  9. The residency can eventually qualify the investor for Citizenship of Malta
  10. Living in Malta is affordable
  11. The air quality in Malta is much better and is considered one of the best in the world.
  12. Malta, being a tourist destination, any amount of investment will always fetch good returns to the investors. It is one of the best in the European Investment immigration programs.

Eligibility for the program –

  1. Investor will have to invest in the qualifying real estate property with a minimum value of €320,000
  2. Or The investor will have to take a property on lease for a period of 5 years with annual rent being equal to €12,000
  3. Or invest in the securities or equity listed in Malta stock exchange a minimum of €250,000. This investment should be retained for a period of 5 years.

The residency permit is awarded for a period of 5 years. It is renewable and eventually leads for citizenship of the country. The immediate family can join the main applicant. The fee structure varies according to the number of family members that are part of the program.

The country attracts investors, retired people and freelancers to relocate to the country. Malta is peaceful and provides European kind of living at a low cost. The country believes in healthy working conditions which include the right timing.

All said and done, it is always safe to work with experienced expert immigration agents. XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the most happening international investment immigration firm which takes active interest in the complete investment process for its clients. They provide a healthy atmosphere to ensure the client is comfortable and provide the right immigration solution based on the situation of their client. They have sound business network in Malta to help their clients get the right possible solutions. It is important to make the right decision in choosing the right investment partner before proceeding any further.




Malta’s Residency Program

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