Marketing Strategy: Why Tracking Customers On Social Media?

Nowadays every business has its presence on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, e.t.c. Some of them don't even have a website only an account on Instagram. Why do the brands create accounts on social media? The answer is obvious: to be closer to their customers, to post news about the company, to promote the products and services and to give immediate reaction to the client's feedback.
But how to use social media in the most effective way for your business? You need to apply the social media monitoring.
Social media monitoring-is the act of tracking of what social media users post, like, comment, share and whom they follow or unfollow.
This term is closely related to the social media monitoring:
-Social Media Management-your actions as posts, comments in your social media accounts
-Social Media Listening-discovering the emotion, mood of your audience.
-Social Media Analytics-data in numbers of the users mentions about you: retweets, likes, comments
Below you can see the reasons why using social media monitoring for your business.

Listening to your customers
When building your marketing strategy you realize it should be customer-oriented. How will you reach that? By monitoring their accounts on social media.
On Facebook you can track users' posts, likes, what links they share. They often have their own opinion on your products and services, and they turn to social media to tell it. It's important to monitor mentions across all social media. There are dozens of popular networks, and new ones are being created every day.
The major social networks are well-known for everyone (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube). For example, on Twitter you can track how often your brand's name appear in posts, what your target audience like and retweet.
The same with Instagram-explore what photos and videos your clients appreciate the best, what they comment, whom they follow.
So it's a great chance to listen to the audience's commentaries. You will learn all the pros and cons of your products and strategy. With this knowledge you will improve the services quality and better tailor them to the needs revealed.

Interaction with customers
On social media users like to discuss and evaluate the brands in a positive or negative manner. While monitoring these discussions or comments you have a great opportunity to influence the users' opinion on your service by joining a conversation.
The ways you can interact:
-Respond to customer's complaints or queries in a timely manner to avoid to get criticism and a bad review. As many users prefer to get customer assistance on social media, be ready to monitor their inquiries.
-Forward the conversations about your brand to raise awareness of your products and services and get objective feedback
-Interest new leads by involving in a conversation about your product or a service. It often happens when people who talks about your brand don't actually follow it so you should change it!
-Nullify negative social buzz by responding to negative sentiments. This way you will get out ahead of the crises and save your social media reputation
Here's some tips how to communicate with customers on social media:
1. Be polite and patient during communication
2. Use the individual approach especially when solving a customer's issue
3. Keep discussions light and conversational - it's a great way to build positive relationship
4. Make a conversation more significant: before asking your potential leads to follow you or use your services explain how you can help
5. Just be friendly:)

Discovering customers hashtags
When users make posts, retweet, share on Facebook and Instagram, comment photos and videos 75% of them use hashtags. They allow to categorize the content and describe the topic of your post clearly and shortly. Hashtags also help to find your post in searches among the millions of others.
But why should you monitor your customers' hashtags?
First, in order to discover customers' likes and dislikes. When you monitor your audience hashtags, you can see the comments and reviews about your product or service so you can gather the stats about the users' opinion.
Plus, you'll discover the most popular trends. On Instagram, for example, you will explore what themes the users are engaged by mostly as Instagram is all about hashtags. Hashtags drive engagement. Use trendiest hashtags that your audience gravitates to the most to attract more potential customers.

Renewal of yourcontent
When you listen to your customers you find the comments and conversation that lead to different content. By monitoring and analyzing it you can see what stirs up the most excitement. With this data try to adjust the content in your posts and blogs: create more of the types of content people are talking about and don't waste your time on content that doesn't interest your customers.
It's useful to mention hashtags again. Monitoring the trendiest ones and using them to update the topics of your posts will provide your audience with content that satisfy their curiosity and gain views outside of your audience.
Tracking social media users will also provide you with their questions and queries. So it would be a great idea to help your audience by creating the content that would answer their questions.

What monitoring tool isbest?
Best' highly depends on what you want to use the tool for: the platform you want to monitor, the stats you plan to get, the price you can afford.
For tracking Instagram you can try a platform Snoopreport. It will help you to snoop all the user's actions on Instagram: likes, followings and comments. You'll be able to monitor as many accounts as you want.

The Instagram user's activity data is provided in weekly and monthly reports that are 100% accurate.
With Snoopreport you will get a new perspective of your customers' activity on Instagram and help you to develop your performance and engagement.

Bottom line
We hope you've found the answers to the question: why monitoring your customers on social media nowadays, as it's the largest market to promote your business, increase popularity of your brand name and explore customer reach.
Don't hesitate to use the tips we described in the article and the social media monitoring tools as they will definitely assist you in increasing your target audience.
Source : artipot[dot]com

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