Must Have App Personalization For Every Phone Owner

The online market is highly competitive, and it continues to get even more so with new and highly targeted marketing techniques being developed and implemented. One of the most efficient ways to increase the lead or revenue generation process is to improve consumer engagement, and this can happen only through focused content marketing and using social media channels accurately. The customer engagement can be further amplified with the use of article recommendation engine such as Liftigniter, which uses complex algorithms to personalize the content feed of each and every individual user. It takes the focused content marketing sphere to a whole new dimension and changes the ball game of the lead generation and conversion singlehandedly.

Liftigniter uses a highly advanced research, scaling and targeting mechanism as an article recommendation engine to ensure that the visitor gets what they are looking for before they even start looking for it. Such a personalization AI reduces and optimizes the marketing expenses incurred by the companies and helps in generating higher revenue with lower investment. The click through rate is greatly enhanced when the consumers see what they want on the first go. So, for example, when you are looking for beach vacations, you would get recommendations for travel in Ibiza, Miami, Caribbean, and so on, rather than packages for Switzerland.

The businesses identify that they have what the customers are looking for, and when the portfolio of products and services is massive, it becomes even harder to focus the marketing and content feeding for visitors. However, it can now be simplified with the help of personalization AI like LiftIgniter, which would spoon feed the precise information and data the consumers are looking for. It would automatically help with improving the engagement ratio, reduce the bounce rate, and make sure that the leads are not only generated but also converted. Subsequently, LiftIgniter would help with improving the revenue of the company at a shoestring marketing budget.

Having the right content doesn't always matter when the consumers can't find it or don't reach it when needed. For example, if you have a car, but have fuel back at home, neither of it would make sense. So, it is essential to provide each visitor to your site with the content matching their preference or search interest at the right time. It would ensure that the call to action is realized more often, and the marketing campaign gets a great boost too.

With the e-commerce business in just about every field getting as competitive as it can be, it is essential to use the available data these days to your advantage. LiftIgniter would churn the available data statistics for each user through its complex and research based algorithms to know the user's preferences, requirements and what he/she needs or is searching for. It helps in showing just the right product or information, and thus, makes the entire process easy for the users and beneficial for the enterprises.
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