On Page SEO optimization Vs. Off Page SEO optimization

Improve your search engine ranking with on-page SEO and off page SEO. On-page SEO determines what you rank for whereas off page SEO determines how high you have ranked. Now let us find out what is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO.

On Page SEO optimization

On-page SEO is also called as on-site optimization. It is the act of optimizing different parts of the website to improve ranking. Read down and find out what are the factors that affect the on-page SEO optimization of a website.

Title tag

Never forget to give a separate title for each page of the website. It helps the crawler to understand your website. Ensure that title should be catchy and must contain a keyword. Click on the link to find out how to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Heading (H1)

Heading of the subject that we writing on is very important. Search engine algorithm crawl through the headings given within the content and on that basis, it evaluates the rank of the website.

URL structure

If the URL of the page contains the keyword, it will boost the traffic towards the page. So, try to put the keyword in the URL of the web pages. Work on this factor for Better SEO optimization.

Alt Text for images

We put images within the content to make the content look more convincing and understanding. But the search engine can’t recognize the images, so we need to address the image with some title so that the search engine can identify it. This on the biggest factors that affect the SEO optimization campaign.

Fast loading pages

Web pages should get loaded as soon as possible or else it may take away the interest of the visitor. Therefore, contact with your technical team and work on the factors that can help improve the page loading time.


Content, the king factor for ranking, should be written in such a way that a reader should stay on the page for a longer time. If the reader does not find the content interesting, he/she may bounce back instantly which will have a bad impact on the ranking of the website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is used to connect the web pages of the website with each other. It also helps search engine to crawl our website in a better way. If you are looking for SEO services then Sanbrains, a digital marketing company can help you out with this.

Off-Page SEO optimization

Off page SEO optimization is the act of getting backlinks from other websites. Getting backlinks from a website that have higher authority than our website helps in grabbing better rank. Therefore, off page SEO work involves the activities that can get you quality backlinks from the high domain authority websites. Let us find out what factors affect the Off-page SEO optimization.

Writing quality content

Social media shares

Outreach emails

Guest blogging

Which needs more focus -- On-page SEO or Off-page SEO?

Both are necessary to get rankings for the website. But if we have to choose one of them, then first we should concentrate more on on-page SEO optimization activities and them off page SEO optimization activities.

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