PEI PNP Draw on 20th August 2020

Prince Edward Island invites immigrants into the province through their many immigration programs. The immigration programs defined by PEI are based on the skills. Under PEI PNP, there are around 6-7 immigration programs defined and each of the programs cater to different immigration requirements. PEI PNP program works in tandem with federal express entry system for few of their streams.

Prince Edward Island is one of the top tourist destinations in Canada. The province is famous for sand beaches, red soil and potatoes. It is the smallest province in Canada. PEI’s economy is defined by agriculture, tourism and fisheries along with certain modern manufacturing industries. It has one of the best economic policies in comparison to the rest of Canada. PEI invites both skilled professionals and Business Entrepreneurs to relocate to the province. Its main purpose behind inviting skilled professionals into the province is to help local employers fill in their vacancies.

It was in the early 90s that the Provincial nominee program came into being. The program was created to help Canada increase their population. Canada has always attributed its economic growth to the skilled immigrants it invites every year. Canada has time and again been open to reform their immigration programs and sanctions to help immigrants feel comfortable when in Canada. Canada has thus far has defined around 70 immigration programs.

Canada introduced Express Entry System in the year 2015 to help immigrants relocate to Canada. This is a well-defined system which helps the immigration authorities in Canada filter the right immigration applications who could adapt into Canada easily and who could fulfill the job requirements in Canada. Canada has over 10 provinces which actively participate in the Canada immigration nomination programs. Through these programs every province has the right to invite those profiles which fit in to the province’s requirements.

Every province invites both skilled immigrants and business partners to relocate to the province. PEI too invites businessmen into the province through their PEI PNP Business Impact program. PEI, on 20th August 2020 made a draw from which it invited around 345 individuals into the province. Of the 345 individuals, 313 were skilled immigrants and the rest were business immigrants. The skilled immigrants were selected from Express Entry system and the Labour impact program while the businessmen were invited through the PEI PNP Business Impact program.

To qualify under the PEI PNP program for Skilled professionals they need to-

  1. Be between the age group of 18 and 55
  2. Have a job offer from the employer of PEI
  3. Have education that is equivalent to degrees in Canada
  4. Have good reputable background and they should be able to prove the same
  5. Prove their language ability by gaining a set score of 4 in CLB defined either in English or French language
  6. Have job experience of a minimum of two years during the 5 years just before the submission of application

Each of the above factor determines one’s qualification and the score the applicant would gain to be qualified for the PEI PNP program.

To qualify under the PEI PNP business impact program they need to-

  1. Be between the age group of 18 and 55
  2. Have a strong scalable business plan
  3. Be able to prove their business experience for a period of 3 years, during the 5 years just before the submission of application
  4. Prove their non-criminal background.

Each of the profile submitted into the system will be given a score based on the factors. These factors will determine their ranks. Based on the ranks each profile gets, the profiles will be further screened and taken into consideration.

The applicants will have to submit their application only after they have received an Invitation to apply for PEI. Once the application is accepted, the applicant receives a Nomination from the province. With the help of the nomination, the immigrant can proceed to apply for Canada PR with the IRCC. There is a slight change in the process for business immigrants. They will need to enter into an agreement with the PEI stating they would follow certain regulations implemented. It is advisable for the immigrants to work with an ICCRC registered immigration consultancy firm to ensure safe and secure relocation to the province.




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