PEI PNP for immigrants into Prince Edward Island –Draw held on August 20, 2020

Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful island provinces in Canada and is also an important port there. Prince Edward Island (PEI) invites skilled immigrants into the province to help them fill in the job vacancies in the province. Prince Edward Island is one of the 10 provinces in Canada which invites skilled professionals and business immigrants into the province. This year PEI sent over 1000 invitations to economic immigrants inviting them to relocate into the province through their PEI Provincial Nominee Program.

In the draw held on the August of 20th 2020, PEI invited 345 individuals into the province of which 313 members were skilled professionals and the rest were Business immigrants. PEI selected the skilled immigrants into the province through their Express Entry system and Labor Impact program. The business immigrants were invited through Business Impact: Work Permit Stream.

PEI PNP Program –

PEI PNP program has been designed to invite talented individuals along with their families into the province either to fill in their job requirements or for business investments in the province. The province is a famous port and the economy of PEI is built around modern manufacturing industries, farming and tourism. The province is beautiful and is one of the 4 famous islands in the country. The successful applicants earn Canada Permanent residency and can bring along their immediate family into the province.

In the recent past individuals who have obtained PR through PNP programs are more preferred by the local Canadian employers. Through PEI Express Entry Program, three categories of applicants can apply

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Traders and
  3. Canadian Experience Class.

To be eligible under the PEI PNP Express Entry program, the applicant needs to have a full time job offer from a PEI Employer. The applicant should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the domain offered during the past 5 years prior to applying. The applicant should have a degree in the stipulated field and above. The applicant should have achieved a minimum language benchmark of 4. You should be the age of between 18 and 55.

Steps to go through this program-

  1. Assess applicant’s eligibility. This includes determining for which program the applicant is eligible for that are defined under PEI PNP.
  2. All those applicants who are eligible will need to submit their profile in the Expression of Interest portal of PEI. The profile can be created in the EOI at any given point of time. However, the profile should be submitted along with information related to the applicant’s passport details. It should be supported by valid passport documents. EOI is not an application but merely an indication of the applicant’s interest to relocate to the province.
  3. Once the profile is selected, the applicant receives an ITA (Invitation to APPLY). Within 60 days of receiving such an ITA, it would require the applicant to respond to the same.
  4. Once the Applicant receives the ITA, the applicant will have to submit their application along with supporting documents. All the supporting documents should be put in one single PDF.
  5. After the application is cleared, the applicant receives PEI nomination
  6. After the applicant can then proceed to apply for Permanent residency with Canada through the PEI nomination.

It is possible to apply for PEI PNP directly. However, it is advisable to apply through an immigration consultancy firm which has good hang about the program. It is safe to work with ICCRC registered immigration firm as they have the knowledge, network and knowhow to help the applicant relocate to their desired destination with best practices possible.




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