Pick Whiteboard Animation Video as Your Next Marketing Move

A picture is worth 1000 words, whiteboard animation videos are a vital tool for marketers trying to convey complex ideas in a convincing way without talking heads or exclusive video production. It is a combination of professional quality audio with real-time graphics that come to life before the viewer's eyes. Whiteboard animation is enough to make any dull content an innovative one.

Here we will discuss some of the reasons to consider whiteboard animation for your next marketing project:

1. The Entire Process Is Amazingly Simple
It's really a simple process to get started. First of all, a worksheet is required that evaluates the client's goal, an essential talking point for the video and potential visuals. After that script is drafted and visuals storyboards are created for customers to review. After that, they return the script and storyboards to the client for review.

After approval of the script, the client picks a voice-over artist for audio purpose. Once the audio is done, the storyboard is ready to be presented. The entire process takes few weeks to complete with minimum time and input from your team. The ultimate product is professional quality video defining your custom promotional pitch.

2. The Cost is Highly Reasonable
Creating a marketing video of high quality can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially when you want seamless editing and great sound quality. Whiteboard animation is carried out on minute basis and as the script is approved in advance, the final cost can be trimmed to basics only.

3. Science Proves That Whiteboard Animation Is Convincing
The symbolic aspect of whiteboard animations, blend with the benefit of showing the full visual history on one image, delivers a message format beautifully-crafted for long-lasting memory retention.
Furthermore, audiences tend to retain the information they view on whiteboard videos longer than presentations in other media.

Moreover, the cartoon-style animation draws viewers' attention considerably for a longer duration than other types of videos.

The step by step starting of the key message in an anticipation-building, cartoonish fashion causes secretion of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. Viewers of whiteboard videos are directed by their own brains to keep on watching the videos.

4. Whiteboard Content Is Naturally Viral
The exquisiteness of whiteboard animation videos is that they have huge mass appeal. They don't distinguish based on age or gender or the well-read and industry newbies.
Whiteboard videos are more likely to be shared on social media these days.

Now it's time to test this approach for your company, while your competitors are still depended on old content formats.
Source : artipot[dot]com

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