Reasons to install home security system:

Home security systems through security cameras are widely using nowadays, and also you should not miss installing this incredible thing at home.

If you are still thinking to install security cameras at home, here we give you several reasons why you should not miss it.

Main advantages of security cameras:

- The peace of mind of having everything under surveillance. If you know what’s going on in spaces where you can’t physically be, but are concerned about keeping them safe, surveillance cameras are a great alternative. Vigilance provides a certain amount of calm.

- Prevent theft. By employing a security camera system at the entrances to your property, you can generally prevent theft, since with revenue being monitored, penetration by an intruder is less likely.

- Connection with the authorities. Modern home security systems have options to connect remote surveillance with local security agencies, such as the Police, so if a break-in occurs, help would arrive faster.

- There are no monthly payments. Security cameras are generally a one-time investment, with no monthly service fees.

- Greater clarity in moving images: Since they have progressive scan capabilities, high-resolution cameras allow you to identify numbers on license plates and perform facial recognition more easily.

- Larger area coverage: 4-megapixel security cameras produce much larger images than analog models. That is, they have a larger number of pixels per area. 

Thus, a smaller number of cameras will be needed to cover each sector. This feature is reflected in a financial benefit for the user, as he will need to invest less in materials for his monitoring infrastructure.

Remote monitoring:

One of the great advantages of wireless security cameras is that you can monitor remotely. High definition technology in security cameras allows remote transmission without loss of quality. It is possible to transmit images from up to 500 meters away - a distance greater than 100 meters from cables.

The technologies embedded in the 4-megapixel security camera provide many features for the commercial, rural, and residential property monitoring system. It is not just about the quality of the image, but also about the safety and convenience that the user wants.

Did you like the advantages of IP technology? So, contact us and learn more about how to purchase it!

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