Strategies to troubleshoot AOL server down issue

AOL, one of the renowned online service, can become your solution for all the tasks such as emails, internet browsing, dial-up internet, surfing various webpages, news, games, and more. However, one of the most frustrating issues that the online service can come across is when the AOL server is down. This can act as a roadblock for accessing many services. To fix this issue, you can execute the steps shared in the blog. And, if you wish to have a word with the tech experts, then feel free to dial aol tech support phone number.


Methods for solving the AOL server down error

A user can execute different solutions for resolving the particular error. Discussed in no specific order, take a look at each of them.


Eliminating the local DNS cache

When you are having issues with the AOL server, troubleshooting the local DNS cache can help.

  • Once you have cleared the cache, click on ‘Start’ Menu
  • Search for ‘Command’ and then enter ipconfig/flushdns
  • After that press ‘Enter’ and refresh the website.


Clearing the Cookies and Cache

If there are accumulated cookies and cache in the internet browser, it can become another reason for AOL server down the error. In this case, you should clear the web browser’s cookies, cache, and history.


Update the web browser

If the above methods do not prove useful, one can try to resolve the issue by updating the web browser. One must take into notice that their web browser is of recent version.


Refresh the website

This is the easiest solution which can help to fix the AOL server down the issue. You can refresh the website by pressing the keys Ctrl and F5 together.


Many times there are no issues with the web browser or the internet settings, but, with the AOL itself. You can wait for some time and then see if the error was resolved or not. One can also have a word with the aol customer care professionals to achieve more detailed advice.


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If you are looking for various methods to solve the AOL server down the error, then feel free to read ahead. Executing the solutions shared forward can help you resolve the error. Clear the local DNS cache, update the browser’s settings, and clearing the browser’s cookies, cache and history will help in this matter. You can also dial AOL Customer Care number and have a word with the experts to obtain a solution.

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