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Does the home or power button on your iPhone not work?

If one of the buttons has sunk, does not work or responds slower than normal, bring your mobile to iPhone repair Fountain Valley! Repairing the power button or fixing the home button of an iPhone are breakdowns that are repaired daily. Factory-installed mechanisms tend to fail to make the user experience very uncomfortable. Come to our stores to fix it!

Does your iPhone battery last a short time?

That the battery of your iPhone lasts little is one of the common problems since the batteries with time do not store the charge correctly and its capacity is diminishing. It can also start to fail or discharge faster if it has suffered a sharp fall and the impact has displaced the internal cells of the battery.

If your iPhone turns off for no reason, it restarts on its own or if the battery level does not go up or runs out too quickly when connected to the charger, the battery life is probably over.

The capacity of the iPhone batteries is conditioned to a certain number of charging cycles. Once it is exceeded, the battery charge starts to last a little while reducing the useful time in handling your iPhone.

In iPhone Battery Replacement Orange County, we change the battery of your mobile in 20 minutes at the best price. So do not think about it and give your iPhone a new life in full operation.

Your iPhone does not charge?

The connectors can get stuck, split or stop working due to wear and tear. They can also be damaged because they enter some liquid or material such as soil or sand. Changing the iPhone charging connector is one of the usual repairs we do at the iPhone repair Huntington beach.

Does your iPhone look worn, has dents, scratches or broken corners?

If you lean your iPhone on a rough surface or if it falls on dirt or sand it is easy to have scratch marks on the back. Also, if you do not protect it with a good case, it is normal to use dents or look worn. In the iPhone screen repair Orange County, we leave your iPhone as new by changing the case, and you can even take advantage of it and turn it into a different phone by changing it.

Apart from these, if your iPhone has any type of problem, bring it to iPhone repair Orange CountyWe ensure the best services at the best prices!



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