The Church at Pastor Keion Henderson - A Real Church for Real People

Commonly known as the Lighthouse church of Houston the church is one of the most famous churches in Houston. It has many thousands of followers in the state and from other states as well.


Services offered at the church


Vibrant Worship


These are the preaching of the Bible that take place regularly at the church. If you have a keen interest in Christianity then you can check out on their website for other interesting events as well.


Lighthouse Church Baptism


If you have accepted the deep core values of Christianity then you can go and baptize yourself in this holy church. Many people go and baptize themselves here. The Lighthouse Church of Houston is highly known for this service.




If you want to go for prayers then there is no better church than the Lighthouse Church of Houston. Many people from far off places come for their prayers daily. The Sunday prayers are also attended by a large gathering.


What sets the church apart from the other churches?


All the above-mentioned services are mostly available in all the local churches as well. But there are a few services that set the Lighthouse church of Houston apart from the others. Here are the services-


You can live stream the prayers and sermons at their website


Many people are busy in their working life these days. As a result, they are not able to go to the churches for attending the prayers. So they might fell pity or even neglected from the community. But if you want to get remain connected with your community then the Lighthouse Church of Houston offers you a very unique service.


Now you can attend all their prayers online. If you go to the website of the Lighthouse Church of Houston you will be able to see the prayers and sermons online.


You will be able to see all the upcoming events


The church also conducts different types of events choirs, weekly sermons, and girl-scout sessions. So wherever you are you will be able to connect with the church online. You can also pre-book if you want to get baptized. Thus the church offers that its members get connected with its ministry.


Make your kids learn the morals of the church with the online church sermons


This is a highly unique service whereby your kids will be able to learn the basic principles and morals of the Christian religion. Thus the seeds of the religion get embedded in them right from their childhood. It has a Kids Discovery Zone online service whereby the lessons are published online.


If you want to get connected with the community of the Lighthouse Church of Houston then you must visit the website today. You will be mesmerized by the unique service the church has for you.  



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