The Flexible Ceiling Curtain Track Can Help you Create Unique Curtain Designs to your Rooms

The ceiling curtain track add a beautiful appeal and functionality to your rooms. These tracks are quite easy to install that doesn’t look bulky nor visible creating a clean look to your rooms. The tracks simply fit into your ceiling in whichever way you desire. You can find the flexible ceiling curtain track as the best choice when you are looking to curtain a rounded window or add a circular compartment to your room without much effort. Yes, the heavy duty flexible curtain track can be easily bent either to create a circular curtain system or a straight track as per your interests. You can have a continuous curtain track system even though you are looking for a circular one without the necessity of splices or prefabrication. The flexible tracks can run smoothly either for the straight or circular curtain applications from the beginning to the end. You can add a unique curtain design to your rooms with the help of this flexible curtain track. You can have many applications with the soundless flexible ceiling curtain track system that can be used for creating partition in the baths, changing rooms, exhibitions etc as per your requirement.

The ceiling curtain track system though flexible is quite durable and sturdy which is designed with a metallic exoskeleton. However, the exoskeleton doesn’t compromise the bending ability of the curtain track which don’t need any cut or welding to form it into the desired shape. The tracks are available from a minimum of 17 feet to 164 feet that can also be customized according to your requirement. The ceiling curtain track can support up to 33 pounds of weight from the ceiling or walls per feet. If you are looking for a ceiling mount you just need a single cartridge for each foot of the track and for wall mounting you need to have one wall mounting cartridge per foot of the track. The heavy duty track is available in a minimum order length of 20 feet with $8.50 per feet. You can find bringing you not only the ceiling curtain tracks but also standard duty rollers, standard duty end caps and ceiling mount cartridges on the same platform along with the installation guide so that you can easily install them using the household tools to add a unique look to your rooms.

Theflextrac offers one of the widest online selections of curtain track systems in the USA. Our curtain tracks and accessories are designed and intended to be mounted to the ceiling or other horizontal surfaces. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track! If you want to know more details, about flexible curtain track just check our website.


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