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Roulette Bot recently held a press conference to make all aware of the various betting types that they have introduced which players can use to enhance their playing experience.

10th January 2018: The recently concluded press conference was the venue where Roulette Bot made us aware of the various innovative betting types which they have recently introduced. They also explained that these betting types will enhance the playing experience as well as increase the chance of winning.

Their spoke person explained in details the Online Roulette betting types introduced. One of the innovative types introduced is the Red/Black. They told that in days to come this is going to be the most favorite betting types that players are going to use. They also cleared a confusion which players may have about winning using this betting type. Players may think that as there are two options to bet on their chance of winning is 50/50. But they explained that to make the game more amazing and exciting they have introduced a green on the wheel which makes the winning chances to be 48.7%.

Rows and dozens is another betting type that Roulette Bot has introduced recently. There are three rows or columns with twelve numbers in each. Players have to select the row or column where they think the number which should win is located. The uniqueness of this betting type is that if you bet on 10 units you will win 30 units.

They have made the game of Roulette more fun-filled and exciting by the introduction of Odd and Even betting types. Looking at it one may think that it is quite similar to Red/Black nature of betting but they have made it a bit different by making 0 not to be included in any. They said that player must not depend on the intuition that odd and even number to come in equal quantities but they must play having percentage of winning in mind.

They also explained that they have introduced another unique betting type called Number. Players need to select a number from 0 to 36 which they think to be the winning number. Players can have many numbers covered in one spin.

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