Top 3 PPC Fails and Their Sure Shot Fixes

You are a bright eyed and bushy tailed site owner, all set with a line of attack for the success of your PPC campaign management. You have a killer keyword strategy, and you have also done what it takes to implement the A/B testing successfully. But still, something bad happens that you were not prepared for and your PPC advertising in Dubai fails. In this article, you will find out the common reasons that make your promotions a total failure. Besides, you will also get to know some quick fixes for the damage done by these mistakes.

1. You forgot the keywords mathematics: Yes, a little bit of calculation is essential to save your campaign from keyword overload. According to surveys, only 12% of the keywords produce sales to a brand. In other words, the rest of the 88% of the non-performer keywords are simply eating up a lot of your budget. So, if you are willing to acquire some business by spending a little extra on other keywords, keep in mind the harsh figure of 12% and make an informed decision.

If you are one of those business owners who have already invested a lot more than needed for keywords, then here is a quick fix to the problem. Snip off the broad match keywords, put a conversion filter in your Adwords account and eliminate the budget eating keywords right away. Doing this will surely result in a traffic drop, but no traffic is good traffic until it leads to conversion. So by eliminating the poor performing or non-performing keywords, you will be able to focus your budget on the right set of keywords.

2. The misconception about Cost Per Lead: It is a common delusion that CPL will decide the success of your PPC campaign management strategies. The mistake to take CPL as a measure of success will cost you a lot in the long run. There is no guarantee of profitability if your campaign is showing phenomenal CPL rates. Rather than focusing on optimizing the clicks, these days a paid search is being made profitable by optimization of conversions.

If your paid search campaign is one of those 100s of PPC campaigns with unparalleled CPL, it's time for a paradigm shift. Some efforts are required, but you can hire an experienced PPC manager who can shift the focus from CPL to profitability. The trick is to put efforts for keywords, ad copy and search terms and correct your profitability metrics. With the help of a CRM, the tracking can be done to find the best keywords with the lowest cost per sale and the ad copy with maximum ROI along with the profitable search terms that ensure maximum revenue to the campaign.

3. Making your budget the basic agenda: Apart from mismanagement, a limited budget is the most common reason for the failure of a paid search campaign. Businesses with limited budget often tend to bid less and make a plan to increase the bids slowly. The strategy won't work because your main goal is to acquire clicks that depend on your Ad rank. If you don't invest ample amount on ads, you will be spending more time on bad keywords, and as a result, you will lose more money rather than saving by starting a campaign with a low budget.

The quick fix for this problem is to bid three times more than what Google recommends you bid. Instead of starting low and going high, start with an adequate budget. But also make sure that your landing page has hard to resist offers. Otherwise, your profit strategy will not turn leads into conversions.
Source : artipot[dot]com

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